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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] ODF Support in Corinthia
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 17:53:47 GMT

> On 11-02-2015, at 12:45, Dennis E. Hamilton <> wrote:
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> From: Louis Suárez-Potts [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 06:04
> To:; Dennis E. Hamilton
> Subject: Re: UnRTF Makes HTML
> [ ... ]
> Perhaps we need to return, however, to our roadmap ambition. For instance, what kind
of plans do we have regarding ODF support? If we think it is time to return to roadmap discussions,
let’s start a new thread on that subject and focus, yes?
> <orcmid> A start?
> I'm not so sure about plans, since it depends on where the developer effort comes from,
but I can see some definition happening.

Developers can cam from good plans. 

> 1. I don't think the code base around DocFormats and the HTML in and out is quite stable
yet.  Let's assume it is declared stable enough with acceptable interface/architectural boundaries.

Would what we have now, or even aground stable with what we have (or shortly shall) be sufficient
to frame a specification for development of support?

> 2. Then we know that there needs to be an ODF access component and an ODF edit/create
> 3. With regard to feature support, there needs to be an agreement on how features not
supported through Corinthia are to be dealt with.  There are two cases - features that cannot
round-trip safely through the HTML, an features that are not even mapped to or from the HTML.
 This is an iterative cycle.

> 4. Presumably, the feature set at the HTML level for editing of OOXML should be the target
at any point for ODF also.  So we know what the HTML case is and have the equivalent ODF features
target those cases should be a feasible way of tracking with the evolution of Corinthia and
> 5. I don't know if there is any source-target capability intended.  That is, ODF ->
HTML -> OOXML and vice versa.  That makes for nice testing cases though.  It may serve
the other Corinthia effort that is not being discussed, the profiling of document-format provisions
in implemented documents.
> Is this enough to get the ball rolling?

Yes, at least for me, it clarifies some points, but others (i.e., they who know what they
are talking about) need to weigh in. It’s also possible that one can use—???—some of
or even a lot of WebODF’s capabilities and code here? Would also make sense, perhaps, to
invite Jos et al., into this discussion? 
> </orcmid>


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