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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Copyright notices
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2015 08:32:44 GMT
Oops, let this sit in my draft folder for hours. I blame the wonders of oxycodone and pain

The TL;DR: You're doing great on the notices.

Some nuances and clarification of NOTICE below.

 - Dennis


Thanks for asking about this.

I think the new notices on files are just fine (and COR-41 is totally elective but valuable
as a casual undertaking).  The probably needs an ASF notice too.

Some ASF purists expect that NOTICE and LICENSE will appear without a .txt extension.  I don't
expect any/much push-back about that on a release, and if there were, it is probably something
that could be fixed on a following release.

After a few years watching the lists about the proper use of these files, I think you are
fine except for what might be needed for external dependencies, etc.  That can be dealt with
as platform and external-dependencies (including for incorporated source code) are handled.

It would be useful to obtain an appraisal from the mentors on this.  I'm confident that we
have enough information to avoid marching over to discuss-legal and general-incubator to hammer
anything out.

We will need to run RAT on the repository as part of diligence with regard to third-party
license notices and claims, and that should be done before declaring every release candidate.
 I think this can be done on an unzip of the source archive for a given release, since there
is more time to clean up IP on unreleased code/dependencies.


It has been made very clear that NOTICE is not an attribution or acknowledgment file.  It
must be limited to *legally-required* notice information.  Moving your copyright notice there
is perfect under the third-party rules.  Any associated licenses that are required to be included
are appended to LICENSE, and multiple uses of common licenses only needs to appear in LICENSE

(Aside: My inclination would be to include the git commit hash for the code as it was before
you made the contribution cited in NOTICE, but I don't think that is a requirement.  Anyone
willing to do some forensic work in the git can find that point on their own, a nice feature
of Git having all history in each clone.)


I believe all of my contributions of any substance came after the move to the incubator, although
I was made a member of the UX project before that.  In any case, I have not applied any copyright
notices to files from me (except ASF notices) and I am in complete accord with the code being
licensed to the ASF.  There is no requirement to do anything in NOTICE on my behalf.  Having
a CONTRIBUTORS file would be valuable though.

It may be of interest to you that I have made a license declaration that goes beyond the iCLA.
 I believe that declaration is on file with the ASF Secretary.  The purpose of my declaration
is to establish that I provide the same license as the iCLA makes to *anyone* who obtains
a contribution of mine from an ASF Project, even if the contribution is never (or not yet)
reflected in a release. I did this to put no strings on my AOO contributions being used by
LibreOffice and anyone else, regardless of ever being merged into an AOO release.  (I have
made the identical declaration for any of my contributions to LibreOffice, providing all rights
that an iCLA grants, with no limitation, not even mention, concerning MPL or any other license

Here is one public notification of the grant that I made concerning ASF contributions,
In the transmittal text (not part of the grant), the first appearance of "LibreOffice" (4th
paragraph at the top of the list message body) should read "an ASF Project".

 - Dennis

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From: Peter Kelly [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2015 19:29
Subject: Copyright notices

I’ve finally gotten around to updating the copyright notices in all the source files to
reflect the requirements described at The copyright
statement for UX Productivity now lives in NOTICES.txt; anyone else who has make contributions
so far should add their name to this file.

I’ve left the files in platform unchanged to avoid merge conflicts with Jan’s changes;
I’ll let him take care of those.

Could someone with more experience with Apache licensing than me please verify that the changes
I’ve made are correct?

Dr Peter M. Kelly

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