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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject How does #NoEstimates apply here
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2015 19:31:43 GMT
For some reason, #NoEstimates has become a thing on Twitter today.  A link to this useful post
was provided in response to some of that traffic:

Open-source projects strike me as places where #NoEstimates strategies are very appropriate.
 The above link on how to prioritize might be helpful here, although some of the strategies
would be different.  For example, attracting developers might be the equivalent of entering
a market.

I'm not clear what would be a prioritization for a hypothetical 0.5.  It is not clear what
the desired state is beyond having a specific milestone to speak about at the next ApacheCon.
 It seems muddy to me.  Some near-term goals about content might be more specific, whether
they hit 0.5 or not.  

Oh, and are we in a continuous integration state and is such an arrangement intended?

Finally, here is another important consideration for any project, and that is about Process
Capability or, in the words of this post, project capacity:

On some other projects I am aware of, the lack of significant process capability is seriously
limiting.  For Corinthia, I think it stems from us being very small and apparently not organized
for small chunking among many hands.  That may just be because I am not so familiar with the
code base. I would think a strategy for easy chunking would be important, just the same.

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