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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject FYI: React.js and Virtual DOM Diffing
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 15:51:05 GMT
This just crossed my desk this morning: <>.

A better view into React.js is at <>.  The licensing
is BSD with a separate Patent license, and they take CLAs based on the ASF iCLA.

The project is closely held in that it is open-source but it is kept aligned with what Facebook
needs for its use, including potential API changes.

I am in no position to assess the details of react.js, but the following high-altitude points
caught my eye:

 1. The react.js-based components respond to changes in the data behind them (proposed to
provide good separation for the V of Model-View-Controller).

 2. It can work in node.js with cooperation between client (browser) and server (web site).
 There's some sort of iOS support too.

 3. There is use of a virtual DOM diff scheme for communication of changes (it appears). 
Along with that there is some sort of XML-JSON and HTML syntax lashup. 

This appears to be a high-quality activity (with a large collection of related/supporting

I have no proposal about this.  It is just something that may be worth paying attention to.

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