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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Corinthia web and social media
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 02:30:01 GMT

Thank you for the introduction.  So you and Jan talk every day!  That
is valuable context!

I don't think we have a shared understanding of how the web can 
work for Corinthia.

I appreciate your effort and your skill with the web pages.

Because the web site is responsive, and the Wiki is not, it may be that 
the web site is a better place to gather information.  It might be a
better place to arrive at with searches on the Internet also.

If the goal is to attract committers on existing Apache projects, it
is perhaps unclear what questions such persons have about Corinthia
and the best way to answer them.  It is also not clear what is the
best way to have their attention and awareness on Corinthia.

Those are all good questions.  Thank you for pointing out that these
need to be considered.

It is my misunderstanding about the web pages.  I did not understand
them to be drafts or proposals.  I took them as steps in a desired
direction.  I did not want to "churn" the pages, and I did not know
where to start.  I confused myself about passing changes through Jan
to you.

 - Dennis

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From: Dorte Fjalland [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 15:36
Subject: Corinthia web and social media

Hi all, Happy New Year. I can see that there has been some
correspondence now re. the Corinthia  web/social media strategies and the
content so far proposed. I prefer to comment in a new post as I would not
know where else to reply.

I made the current web proposal based on my understanding that the project
needed like a kind of "sales brochure" aimed at getting committers from
other Apache projects involved in Corinthia and therefore a site that would
be easy to overview and containing basic/essential information and with
links to all the serious and detailed stuff to be found in wikis etc.

Reading the various mail threads i get the impression that maybe the
community should find out who they want to reach and then decide the tools.
Re the fb page and the Twitter the members who are active on those medias
can be editors/admins and provide content, but again, you can do this with
the intention of attracting new people and or a way of communicating ( in
public and with the purpose of attracting attention/new people).

I am sorry to read that the web site proposal has been seen as a private
and already agreed on job. This was not the intention. Anyhow, if some of
you don't know it, then Jan is my husband and we do talk ... also about
Corinthia. Before I retired to Southern Spain together with Jan I used to
work with web journalism and information strategies.

All for now, looking forward to hearing your comments.

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