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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Keeping an Eye on Microsoft: The Windows 10 Reveal Today
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:51:05 GMT
I keep an eye on Microsoft mostly as an user but also with an eye to getting ahead of the curve
with regard to developing software destined for the Microsoft platform/ecosystem.  I want
to get out front more and see how to develop for the newest platform rather than play catch-up
from the older platforms (and because I have no legacy code that needs to be sustained/perpetuated).

So I had already been interesting in Windows Universal Apps which are designed to be responsive
and to fit all form factors and platforms.  These can be essentially HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
 There can also be more native/.NET code in the Mix.

I am one of the 1.7 million people running Windows 10 as part of the Windows Insider Program.
 (Today I was reminded that there are over 1.5 billion people running Windows computers.)
 That is also where I toy with the Visual Studio 2015 Preview too.  Beside the Python and
Node support that is there, as well as tools for Universal Apps, there is support for Chrome,
the JDK, Android Developer, and even Clang there or coming as secondary installable facilities.

Beside the Universal Apps and the various ways to take them onto multiple platforms, the following
information was made available today:

 1. Xbox One will run Universal Apps and Xbox Live comes to Windows 10 in more ways
 2. Cortana will be on Windows 10 and available to Windows Apps, so this includes text to
speech, speech to text, text commands, and probably translation (with help from Skype).
 3. There will be Universal Apps of Outlook (Mail and Calendar), and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,
and Excel (in addition to Web Apps and the desktop apps).
 4. The holographic imaging and viewing is available to Universal Apps.  

This may be very important as we come to grips with how to deploy Corinthia-based apps into
the Windows ecosystem.

 - Dennis

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