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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Questions about Private Activities in Corinthia Name
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 20:10:03 GMT
I think my problem is that I recall casual conversations about things and then the execution
surprises me with its details.

I also think there are differences in styles of expression and organization that I have not
figured out.  There are also tacit understandings in place that are maybe not so obvious to

I want to discuss the maintenance of the web separate from the other items.  I already started
doing that.

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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 09:28
To: jan i
Cc:; Dennis Hamilton
Subject: Re: Questions about Private Activities in Corinthia Name

On 6 January 2015 at 17:54, jan i <> wrote:

> For the web we had a discussion a while ago, where I explained that we
> choose not to use a CMS system, and at the moment dorte would prefer to
> make the changes. But since its svn you can do any change you want.
> What I do is to write the text and then let dorte make sure the responsive
> design works.
[ ... ]
> I dont think you are unfair with this statement !!

Sorry double negation is never good...I meant you are unfair with that
statement...the "we" is a clear reflection of mail threads in here, and
"we" are one community but 1 has to write the page so others can comment on

  I would not use "we" at all.  It is never clear what the authoritative
  voice is except when the Queen says it.  
[ ... ]
>> PS: I am thrilled that Dorte has organized the web site in a responsive
>> structure by which it is adaptable to all manner of browser form factors.
>> It would be great if the principles were established in a place where all
>> of us could honor them in any contributions made to the site, so that work
>> would be preserved.
> Please bear in mind, that we agreed the Web should not grow, but be a
small number of pages and all dynamic content should be in the wiki
(whatever we choose).
  I took that as a context-free position, but had no understanding of 
  how it would play out.  Does it not have more to do with time sensitivity
  and how variable something is whether it deserves preservation on the
  web site or on a wiki?

  What exactly is the principle being followed with regard to the web
  versus wiki?

The principles are in the html, which you find in svn. It is all made with
foundation (which can be seen in the html).

  Reading code is not usually how I discern principles.  I had hoped to
  not have to know how to have created those classes to simply use them
  properly as the designer intends them to be used.
    That does not help me understand why the footer text is under class
  "large-9 medium-9 columns" and the text is in a <small> element.
    What I am looking for is whatever style guide there is for how 
  the css and scripts are to be used in a consistent way on the 
  Corinthia site.
    At least now I know I am expected to understand foundation.js. That's
  not a small thing.  I naively though non-CMS plain HTML was going to
  be simpler than this.

I am sure neither dorte or I do "private" things with corinthia but only
write down PROPOSALS for what things that have been discussed. In case you
still feel "private" things are happening then I will happely stop making
text for web pages, no problem at all.

   Don't stop writing.  
   But maybe be clear when you have something you would like reviewed,
   added to, etc.

   I did not realize that you are putting requests in your commit messages.
   I must look at them more closely.  Sorry.

   I think you have far more in your head than what was given much 
   discussion.  It is difficult to anticipate how details will work
   out from casual exchanges that may have occurred.

jan i.

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