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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Apache Commons is not really an option in corinthia
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:10:57 GMT
I'm going to clip some of this into JIRA issues where I might find it again [;<).

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From: Dave Fisher [] 
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2015 13:23
Cc: Dennis Hamilton
Subject: Re: Apache Commons is not really an option in corinthia

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Take a look at Apache APR -

Lots of other portable goodies.

When I mentioned Commons I was thinking APR!

	I was thinking of Commons CLI.    It is the data structure
     and the rules for it that "steer" the command-line parser (and also 
     provide the brief help page) that interest me.  I like Commons CLI
     for how it handles the line and think that perhaps that structure is much 
     easier to localize too.  (The usage can be localized but I would be
     cagy about localizing the option words.)

     APR is all C.  I had been looking for that but I forgot the name of it.
     I think I was turned off the first time I looked at it because it redoes
     all of the memory allocation and various dynamic-memory structures.
     I am willing to take another look.  It is designed to do what Corinthia
     wants out of "Platform" but has gone deeper into what is involved, I'd
     say.  The platforms that APR has worked with are worth checking on.

     I suspect that getting a Portable C (i.e., standard) version is more
     likely to be found in via FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

     Side Question: Does POI use Apache Commons Compress and if so is that
     API found very suitable?.


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