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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Test Documents (was RE: Coding Standards page)
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 16:15:07 GMT
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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 8, 2015 03:11
To:; Dennis Hamilton
Subject: Re: Coding Standards page

On 8 January 2015 at 00:40, Dennis E. Hamilton <>
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> It is OK to have binaries for test. Can you please add the right git
> attributes to the main test dir.
> <orcmid>
>    I don't see a main test dir anywhere.
>    If you know of specific file extensions for binary content that we have,
>    please update the .gitattributes file at the repository root.  I
> couldn't
>    Find anything with a quick scan of the repository.
>    (The SVN definitions are different and we don't use our SVN that way.)
> </orcmid>
   When I went looking for a test directory, I found Peter's test documents.
   As well as I could determine, they are all .html files, so there is 
   nothing to do.

   Looking at the poi files, I see that there are many in binary formats.
   I could simply add those to the list of binaries in .gitattributes.
   It would be better to have some sort of files to confirm that the 
   .gitattributes is working, like a specimen of each file extension.

   I can make the .gitattributes changes.  It will need to be reviewed
> My bad, I have one in my branch but it is not in the repo....I think went
away because peter moved test cases into docFormats, since they were all
white box testing.

We need a test dir at top level for black box tests, please create one. May
I suggest we add the poi test documents in a subdir, with a readme file
that informs the origin.

Dave@ thanks for your idea, and for sharing your concern...I think it is
better to have them in our git repo, so developers dont need multiple
version control clients.
   I am not taking an action on creation of a test directory.  There is
   Need for more conversation on organization and whether to fork or to 
   fetch, etc., to be considered.  Also, there is no discussion yet
   of how tests themselves are conducted using whatever test documents
   there are.

jan i

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