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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: change if wiki ?
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2015 19:02:48 GMT
Thanks Dave, all of that is good to know.

 -- replying below to --
From: Dave Fisher [] 
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2015 10:23
Subject: Re: change if wiki ?

Hi -

FWIW - I still have Confluence Admin rights left over from setting up AOO cwikis.

On Jan 18, 2015, at 8:45 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
[ ... ]
> My concern for the current wiki is it appears to be totally captive and anything committed
to it lies in that embrace forever.  (The export functions are to limited forms and it is
not clear they are a good way to produce content while working off-line.)

I'll note that on the Tools dropdown there is a view storage format that gives a window to
grab html.
  In my case, a better tool for grabbing HTML is Microsoft OneNote, which puts it into an
editable form.
  That doesn't help much when it comes to contributing to the Wiki though.
     Although the tool says "source," it presents it in a browser Windows in rich form, 
  not the underlying source.

There is also an Export to Word and PDF. These can be controlled with templates.

There is also a Source Editor if you want to fiddle with the HTML directly.
   How do I get to the Source Editor?  I must have missed it.
   (I don't think any of this satisfies my itch to be able to work off-line
   and then commit, which I can do with any flavor of web site under ASF

> Confluence authoring is apparently required to be in a browser (or via the REST API,
which is too much of a reach).  I would love to find out that is not the case, but I have
failed to determine what the plaintext form of text submission is, and the help button is
not useful in knowing otherwise. It appears from the documentation that the canonical form
of the content is XML and can be used to backup and restore pages.  

You can put in html directly.
   I really don't want to be entering HTML directly through a 
   browser or web connection.  I have the feeling that the
   HTML is not shown once entered, it is always echoed back
   in rich form.  Makes me crazy.
     I would prefer a plaintext markup language, whether markdown
   or any of the wikiText formats that are around already. I 
   recognize that is not entry level stuff, and a rich-form
   editor might be preferable.  It is just a problem when the
   rich form is the only option.
     I do have good plaintext editing tools and also HTML 
   editing tools for off-line use.  Most wiki-like sites
   have good review before commit support too.
     The stuff that is hard to do in HTML is add wiki links
   and create wiki-recognized anchors.  I'd have to learn
   exactly what the Confluence auto-completes do, I suppose.

> I guess this means proceed at your own risk.  
> 3. Cutting the Knot?
> So I started using the JIRA as a way to capture ideas and notes until there is better
understanding of Atlassian Confluence and the Gliffy Confluence Plugin.
[ ... ]

I am comfortable with whatever workflow works for you.

  Thanks.  I will muddle along for now.  
  Since I work on more than one project 
  (at ASF and elsewhere), having this 
  particular Wiki as yet another tool 
  to learn where nothing I already have
  at hand works really threw me, as
  you can see.


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