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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Mobile Web Development Offerings
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:55:24 GMT
This came across my desk: <>.

It is a little thin.  It seems to be a little about responsive web, but targeted to development
of web pages for browsers on mobile devices.

I glanced at Onsen UI at <> and <>.
 This one is Apache licensed and I agree the work appears pretty slick. It also claims to
integrate with Angular, Cordova, etc.

jQuery-mobile, <> is under the jquery license, a form of BSD
license, <>.  I notice that jQuery tends to be
installed with foundation.js too, though not sure what use is made of it on the Corinthia

ChocolateChip-UI has a dual-layer offering, one a free MIT License open source and a serious
Enterprise subscription version.  The difference is apparently with regard to support levels,
not the code.  On GitHub of course, <>.

Ratchet is under the MIT license too, and on GitHub <>.

Mobile-Angular UI is BSD-like and on GitHub <>.
 So this in on Bootstrap 3.

I agree with the author of the report that Onsen UI is the most impressive in terms of their
presentation and what they claim works.  Apparently the learning curve and the uniqueness
of Onsen UI are considerations.

I have no deep sense of any of this. Just information gathering.

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