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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Windows and Visual Studio (was RE: Anybody who know how to write .cmd or .bat files for windows ?)
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2015 19:31:13 GMT
I don't think preferences for Visual Studio are all that clearcut.  There is much to like about
the Visual Studio IDE and how it works in a code and test and fix and repeat cycle of activity.
 But that is only when building for Windows on Windows.

We have to be careful about two things:

 1. Many Visual Studio users have never been taught any other way to build code, even though
there is full support for makefile usage, command-line building, and also growing cross-platform
support in Visual Studio.

 2. Open source projects that treat Windows as an appendage case are very inaccessible to
Windows developers because of the Fibber McGee's Closet tooling that seems to be some sort
of normal for getting something to build along with considerable investment in custom scripts
(using from M4 to Perl to Python and almost anything else).

So there is the way that VS is appealing to Windows developers as grounded in what they know,
but there is also some need to recognize how repellant many open-source projects appear to
developers who, know it or not, are relying on a consistent structure for which complexity
is noticed only when the need arises.

Now our challenge is, I assume, multi-platform development using a common core source code
along with whatever the adaptation mechanism is for different targets.  So we have to be more
ecumenical in how the code can be approached by developers with different interests.

I think it is unlikely that we can make the compilable parts of Corinthia look like a Visual
Studio solution consisting of one or more Visual C projects (compilation steps) and tests
to the point where a Visual Studio developer can ignore all else.  I'm not even clear that
it is a good idea.

Just a concern I have,

 - Dennis

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Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 09:22
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Subject: Re: Anybody who know how to write .cmd or .bat files for windows ?

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- Products like Cygwin, have scared AOO developers, so I dont want we
depend on such products, do we agree on this ?
  (Windows developers in general only like visual studio, and maybe a
couple of external libs)
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