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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [REVIEW REQUEST] External Scripts (was RE: My work in january.)
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 16:33:00 GMT
Although I am certain I will notice some touch-ups in the documentation/narrative around the
scripts for downloading externals, what is there is now ready for review.

 A. I request confirmation that the scripts are functional and the description now in external/README.txt
is usable.

 B. After confirmation, I want to delete the two *.sh files, which are not Windows "native."
This is to avoid maintenance happening using the wrong scripts.


 1. Clone the repository on any Windows configuration that you can run native console sessions
on.  It is all right to use CygWin or MSYS2 or simply use cmd.exe for a shell.

 2. In the external folder, wherever located on your machine, execute the external/extract_downloads.bat

 3. Confirm that the five .zip archives download and that the extractions into external/download/include,
lib, and bin have occurred correctly.

 4. Report any problems or clarifications that you need to accomplish this.

It is not necessary to confirm that Windows native builds of DocFormats and other components
work.  That is for separate testing and has more prerequisites than just having the external/
scripts working well enough.

 - Dennis

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From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 
Sent: Saturday, January 3, 2015 08:20
Subject: RE: My work in january.

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MY OFFER: I will replace the current externals/README.txt, or add another file, that documents

 1. the simple maintenance cases (i.e., upgrading to a new external release)
 2. The few places that need to be touched under ordinary maintenance,
 3. Adjusting to different organizations of the downloaded Zips (there are 4 flavors at the
 4. What the test cases are and demonstrating that operation is working and that the scripts
have resilient failure modes.
 5. Confirmation that the scripts continue to operate properly under cmd.exe console sessions,
PowerShell sessions, MSYS2 sessions, Cygwin sessions, and Take Command (formerly 4NT) console
sessions as well as across a range of Windows versions, say from XP to Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Furthermore, I will, in doing that, also

 6. Annotate the scripts a bit more so that anyone using them and puzzled by something has
more bread crumbs about what some of the dependencies and peculiar options are about.

 7. Bring over the bin/ license material too, so that if the bin folders are used to build
deliverables, the necessary 3rd party licenses on those DLLs will follow along.

[ ... ]

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