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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: My work in january.
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:19:53 GMT
Hi Jan,

Two things I hope you will consider for January,

 1. Give more priority to the Wiki because it blocks others of us from using it until it is
in the shape you envision.

 2. With regard to more-elaborate externals to deal with x86, x64, other platforms (?), etc.,
without a clue what you will require in any of those, I have no way to develop even preliminary
scripts.  In particular, it would be good to know what downloads you expect for x64, and how
you want downloads itself organized, since right now it is flat with download/include, download/lib,
and download/bin.  

On this last, would it be more useful to have externals-win32x86, externals-win32x64, etc?
 That is much easier from a scripting setup, so they each have their own downloads working
subfolder, etc.  If you separate externals by type in this way, the migration should be particularly
straightforward in terms of taking the correct DLL bins into a packaging of a delivered binary,
testing with the right ones, etc.

MY OFFER: I will replace the current externals/README.txt, or add another file, that documents

 1. the simple maintenance cases (i.e., upgrading to a new external release)
 2. The few places that need to be touched under ordinary maintenance,
 3. Adjusting to different organizations of the downloaded Zips (there are 4 flavors at the
 4. What the test cases are and demonstrating that operation is working and that the scripts
have resilient failure modes.
 5. Confirmation that the scripts continue to operate properly under cmd.exe console sessions,
PowerShell sessions, MSYS2 sessions, Cygwin sessions, and Take Command (formerly 4NT) console
sessions as well as across a range of Windows versions, say from XP to Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Furthermore, I will, in doing that, also

 6. Annotate the scripts a bit more so that anyone using them and puzzled by something has
more bread crumbs about what some of the dependencies and peculiar options are about.

 7. Bring over the bin/ license material too, so that if the bin folders are used to build
deliverables, the necessary 3rd party licenses on those DLLs will follow along.

 - Dennis 

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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Saturday, January 3, 2015 02:57
Subject: My work in january.


[ ... ]

Apart from that I will get our wiki up and prepare presentation for FOSDEM.

For experiment64, I need to change the script to store lib and bin in x86,
x64 sub dirs, I will change the scripts unless dennis beats me to it.

have a nice weekend.
jan i.

@dennis I hope you are back on your feet again.

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