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From jan i <>
Subject Re: time for our first "board" report.
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 17:02:53 GMT
On 31 December 2014 at 17:32, Dennis E. Hamilton <>

> The copied material below is very difficult to follow.  I find it more
> useful to look at the material in the form it is in at
> <>.
If we agree on it, I can add my suggestions to the wiki. I was just
hesitating to make "my" wording public, before the community at large had
their say.

> Questions:
>  1. When must this be completed and signed off so the shepherd can
>     add remarks, mentors can sign off, and it is available on time
>     for inclusion in the IPMC report to the board?
If you look at the top of the wiki page, you will see (extract):

January 7, report due.
January 11, shepherd review
January 13, mentor signoff

Our shepherd is Raphael Bircher, which some of us know from AOO. I will
contact him directly once we agree on the report.

>  2. This file is available for anyone to edit (committers at least).
>     Is there some objection to having anyone with Incubator Wiki
>     editing rights from also working on this report?  It is unusual
>     in my experience for there to be so much gatekeeping.  (Of
>     course there should be accounting for changes and discussion
>     here.)
I would prefer that we make one edit once we agree. I would NOT like to use
that wiki as our discussion place. Actually I have to say this a bit
stronger, if we all edit that file, I will not edit it.

I strongly feel, we should NOT make our answers available on that wiki
before we agree on the content. I promise for next month our wiki will be
up and running, and then our report will be available there. On OUR wiki I
agree that everybody shall edit directly, and once agreed to ONE PPMC, move
the responses to the incubator Wiki.

I hope the difference between OUR discussion and PUBLIC discussion are
clear...we as a community must be able to discuss freely, without going

We have a problem this month, because I have not had enough spare cycles to
make our wiki available, hence the "rescue" procedure. If needed I can
extract the question, and my suggested answer.

@dennis please read my words positively, because in essence I agree with
transparency....but towards our community, not the world.

jan i.

>  - Dennis
> -----Original Message-----
> From: jan i []
> Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 07:05
> To:
> Subject: time for our first "board" report.
> Hi all.
> The procedure for podling reports is pretty simple.
> - For the first 3 month we have to submit a report every month, then every
> 3 month.
> - Reports are done in the wiki
> - It is the PPMC responsibility to fill out the reports.
> - The mentors must sign off the report, for it to be accepted.
> The report follow a template, I have copied it below, look for
> "TO_BE_AGREED_ON", that is our text. I have made a proposal but hope to get
> many comments:
> --------------------CorinthiaCorinthia is a toolkit/application for
> converting between and editing commonoffice file formats, with an
> initial focus on word processing. It is designedto cater for multiple
> classes of platforms - desktop, web, and mobile - andrelies heavily on
> web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript forrepresenting and
> manipulating documents. The toolkit is small, portable, andflexible,
> with minimal dependencies. The target audience is developers wishingto
> include office viewing, conversion, and editing functionality into
> theirapplications.Corinthia has been incubating since 2014-12-08.Three
> most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:  1.
> TO_BE_AGREED_ON, complete the move to ASF infrastructure  2.
> TO_BE_AGREED_ON, Discuss and decide on a medium term roadplan  3.
> TO_BE_AGREED_ON, Grow the communityAny issues that the Incubator PMC
> (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to beaware of?TO_BE_AGREED_ON none.How
> has the community developed since the last report?TO_BE_AGREED_ON We
> have spend a lot of mail on getting acquainted and finding the
> strength of each other.
> Now discussion are flowing freely. We have consensus on PPMC ==
> Committer as long as we are in incubator.How has the project developed
> since the last report?
> TO_BE_AGREED_ON, We are working hard on making a stable kernel, so we
> can more easily add more developers.
>  Date of last release: TO_BE_AGREED_ON  noneWhen were the last
> committers or PMC members elected?TO_BE_AGREED_ON 31-12-2014 added 1
> committer/PPMCSigned-off-by:   [ ](corinthia) Daniel Gruno  [
> ](corinthia) Jan IversenShepherd/Mentor notes:--------------------
> I will update the wiki once we have agreed to the text, and ask daniel
> to sign together with me.
> Looking forward to hear your comments.
> rgds
> jan I.

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