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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] committers == PPMC
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2014 00:01:26 GMT
jan i wrote:
> For a small project like ours, there are no logical reason to make a
> difference between being committer and PPMC. I believe it can be directly
> harmful to the project.

The PPMC has the role of bringing the project to Apache and building a 
community. With graduation, things change. It may have some value, 
especially for new people, to admit them to the PPMC and expose them to 
the private list just to show them that there is (hopefully!) no 
discussion there, contrary to popular myths. When Corinthia graduates, 
reduce the PMC to the really active people (upon some kind of vote).

And remember that every time one has to count votes, something went 
wrong: all decisions should be taken by an overwhelming majority, be it 
of committers or PMC members. So, ultimately, if the private list is 
used with sanity and the project is not split into factions, being a 
committer or a PMC member should not make a big difference.

> Example (another project): In budapest we were 6 people gathered around a
> table discussion the future of the project. 3 PMC, 1 committer (but ASF
> member) and 2 committers.....We had to stop the discussion several times,
> due to the fact "oooh this happened on the private list", I still wonder
> how the 2 committers felt...I know I would have felt being held out.

A complex example. It refers to the biggest project at Apache in terms 
of number of committers (it's called OpenOffice, for those who don't 
know it). And we had to stop the discussion many more times to explain 
things that had been posted to PUBLIC lists but that nobody had read... 
The two projects are too different to compare (by the way, OpenOffice 
used "committer==PPMC member" during incubation, if I recall correctly; 
but if I do not recall correctly, this is still a different project!).


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