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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Corinthia Versioning Scheme
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2014 02:22:57 GMT
As we start setting up the JIRA issue tracker, we need to determine how to identify what code
an issue applies to and what the target is for any fix.

There are also forensic and authentication needs for a clear-cut version-identification scheme.
 It is also important in digging related code out of a repository, replicating an issue and
also preparing version-specific fixes.

I am talking about the typical 0.9.1-beta and 4.1.1 flavors of version identifiers.  These
apply to delivered code and to APIs and libraries.

I have had my eye on the Semantic Versioning scheme <>
and I wonder if it is useful to start thinking about that for multi-platform delivery of Corinthia

Using Semantic Versioning, 0.9.1-beta would work already, and so would 1.7.5-rc1.  An unfamiliar
scheme is used to indicate builds though.  Examples of this would be something like 4.1.1+Win.x64.en-US
or 1.7.5-rc1+iOS.debug for particular build cases off of portable source code.

It is probably easier to agree on the major.minor.patch triple and the "-"-prefix qualifiers
when used.  But if we are looking at providing multi-platform binaries, there needs to be
a way to be specific.  Not being precise here leads to too much work communicating about what
artifact is someone talking about, and it would be good to have an aligned structure in advance.
 (JIRA issues probably don't need to have tags that fine, although an issue might need to
be quite specific.)

Just thinking out loud.  I could easily bike-shed this all by myself.  I think I can resist

 - Dennis

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