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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] committers == PPMC
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2014 01:33:04 GMT
+1 on having new committers invited to the podling also be invited to be on the PPMC.

I have no preference how this is established so long as there is a clear record of it.

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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 08:58
Subject: [DISCUSS] committers == PPMC

[ ... ]

    Those who are interested in what that entails need to look at 
    <> down at the two 
    sections, "Adding new committers" and "Voting in a new PPMC 

    Because the addition of a PPMC member requires more ceremony, 
    that level of ceremony is required when the two are combined 
    in single [DISCUSS] and following [VOTE].

My suggestion is, that we as community, ask the PPMC to always vote if a
candidate should be PPMC+committer using the strictest voting rules (right
now 3 PPMC +1 and no -1).

   Where is the 3x+1, 0x-1 voting rule described, so folks can confirm
   how that works?

The invitation letter, should be an invitation to join both as committer
and PPMC, but give an option so the candidate can choose only to be a

If we want this, it can be implemented in 2 ways:
1) A convention, where we simply ask the PPMC to always do it like this
- here a vote is not really needed, because the PPMC can decide to follow
it or not.
2) A Rule, where the PPMC have to do it.
- here a vote is really needed (and one with a clear majority and NONE
against it).

Thoughts ?

jan i.

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