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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Building on Windows (was RE: Anybody who know how to write .cmd or .bat files for windows ?)
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 19:41:16 GMT
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From: jan i [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 09:22
To:; Dennis Hamilton
Subject: Re: Anybody who know how to write .cmd or .bat files for windows ?

On 31 December 2014 at 17:32, Dennis E. Hamilton <>

> -1 on using a prepackaged combination of the dependencies.
> It is only simpler locally, not globally.
> That is just moving the pea, and it means there is now an external
> activity that committers must understand and someone has to maintain when
> there are updates, security patches, etc., to the dependencies.  It also
> raises provenance issues.  (I note that none of the sources have hashes or
> signatures already, or else I missed them, and they include a variety of
> .exe files.)
> If we are concerned about obsolescence or inaccessibility of the sources,
> there might need to be a backup arrangement.  That might be a better use of
> Apache Extras.

May I say in a positive tone, I really hope to meet you in person at ACNA.
You have a way of expressing the small undefinable worries in my stomach.

A -1 with a good reason, calls for a discussion !!! so let me try to break
this down into a couple of questions:
(feel free to flame me, it I got it wrong).

Assumption: we want windows developer to have an easy start with corinthia,
and we dont want people to install things like cygwin.

   I think it is more that we don't want Cygwin *required* to build on
   Windows.  I just used MSYS2 to run the batch script this way:

   orcmid@Astraendo2 /d/Apache/corinthia/git/incubator-corinthia
   $ ./external/fetch_downloads.bat

   orcmid@Astraendo2 /d/Apache/corinthia/git/incubator-corinthia

   I don't know if Cygwin will do the same.  A shame if not.
   Notice that differences in file-system path approaches are
   avoided by no parameters into fetch_downloads.bat, and everything
   internal to the batch file operates in the native Windows view.

- Dennis already made a .bat to download the original source (which I
clearly prefer), can we make the extraction as a .bat also (from what I
understand it is doable, but need to be adjusted if we upgrade) ?

   Yes, I believe the extraction can be done using batch scripts
   too.  I assume anything we have might need to be adjusted on
   upgrades, even the fetch procedures.
     I am investigating whether I can have the extraction done
   without any new tool requirement.  If not, it will be necessary
   to have a Windows version of 7zip or unzip installed.  Stay

- What is the back side of having to simple .bat scripts ?
- Products like Cygwin, have scared AOO developers, so I dont want we
depend on such products, do we agree on this ?
  (Windows developers in general only like visual studio, and maybe a
couple of external libs)

    We haven't dealt with compiling and building yet.  There is more
    to figure out for that. I think it should be viewed as independent
    of the fetching and extraction of external dependencies though.

- Is this a temporary situation or will we always need external libraries ?
- Peter made a suggestion, can we somehow learn from that, if we cannot
make a .bat for extraction.

   Um, Peter's suggestion involves fetching a .zip, so we are back to the
   previously-unsolved problem.  My objection is not about downloading
   Zips, but where they come from and who builds them.

jan i

>  - Dennis
>  -- above in reply to --
> From: jan i []
> Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 23:17
> To:
> Subject: Re: Anybody who know how to write .cmd or .bat files for windows ?
> On Wednesday, December 31, 2014, Peter Kelly <> wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > I propose a simpler solution ;)
> >
> >
> >
> @dennis thanks fir all your investigation work.
> +1 to having the prepared files at uxproductivity (and later apache extras)
> and then use the script from dennis to fetch is.
> [ ... ]

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