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Subject [44/51] [abbrv] [partial] incubator-corinthia git commit: added libxml2 2.9.2 from
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:46:37 GMT
diff --git a/DocFormats/platform/3rdparty/libxml2-2.9.2/NEWS b/DocFormats/platform/3rdparty/libxml2-2.9.2/NEWS
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..8027d55
--- /dev/null
+++ b/DocFormats/platform/3rdparty/libxml2-2.9.2/NEWS
@@ -0,0 +1,2642 @@
+        NEWS file for libxml2
+  Note that this is automatically generated from the news webpage at:
+The change log at 
+ describes the recents commits
+to the GIT at 
+ code base.Here is the list of public releases:
+2.9.2: Oct 16 2014:
+   - Security:
+  Fix for CVE-2014-3660 billion laugh variant (Daniel Veillard),
+  CVE-2014-0191 Do not fetch external parameter entities (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Bug Fixes:
+  fix memory leak xml header encoding field with XML_PARSE_IGNORE_ENC (Bart De Schuymer),
+  xmlmemory: handle realloc properly (Yegor Yefremov),
+  Python generator bug raised by the const change (Daniel Veillard),
+  Windows Critical sections not released correctly (Daniel Veillard),
+  Parser error on repeated recursive entity expansion containing < (Daniel Veillard),
+  xpointer : fixing Null Pointers (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Remove Unnecessary Null check in xpointer.c (Gaurav Gupta),
+  parser bug on misformed namespace attributes (Dennis Filder),
+  Pointer dereferenced before null check (Daniel Veillard),
+  Leak of struct addrinfo in xmlNanoFTPConnect() (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Possible overflow in HTMLParser.c (Daniel Veillard),
+  python/tests/ assumes Python dictionaries are ordered (John Beck),
+  Fix Enum check and missing break (Gaurav Gupta),
+  xmlIO: Handle error returns from dup() (Philip Withnall),
+  Fix a problem properly saving URIs (Daniel Veillard),
+  wrong error column in structured error when parsing attribute values (Juergen Keil),
+  wrong error column in structured error when skipping whitespace in xml decl (Juergen Keil),
+  no error column in structured error handler for xml schema validation errors (Juergen Keil),
+  Couple of Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Add couple of missing Null checks (Daniel Veillard),
+  xmlschemastypes: Fix potential array overflow (Philip Withnall),
+  runtest: Fix a memory leak on parse failure (Philip Withnall),
+  xmlIO: Fix an FD leak on gzdopen() failure (Philip Withnall),
+  xmlcatalog: Fix a memory leak on quit (Philip Withnall),
+  HTMLparser: Correctly initialise a stack allocated structure (Philip Withnall),
+  Check for tmon in _xmlSchemaDateAdd() is incorrect (David Kilzer),
+  Avoid Possible Null Pointer in trio.c (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Fix processing in SAX2 in case of an allocation failure (Daniel Veillard),
+  XML Shell command "cd" does not handle "/" at end of path (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix various Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Fix a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard),
+  Add a couple of misisng check in xmlRelaxNGCleanupTree (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Add a missing argument check (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Adding a check in case of allocation error (Gaurav Gupta),
+  xmlSaveUri() incorrectly recomposes URIs with rootless paths (Dennis Filder),
+  Adding some missing NULL checks (Gaurav),
+  Fixes for xmlInitParserCtxt (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix regressions introduced by CVE-2014-0191 patch (Daniel Veillard),
+  erroneously ignores a validation error if no error callback set (Daniel Veillard),
+  xmllint was not parsing the --c14n11 flag (Sérgio Batista),
+  Avoid Possible null pointer dereference in memory debug mode (Gaurav),
+  Avoid Double Null Check (Gaurav),
+  Restore context size and position after XPATH_OP_ARG (Nick Wellnhofer),
+  Fix xmlParseInNodeContext() if node is not element (Daniel Veillard),
+  Avoid a possible NULL pointer dereference (Gaurav),
+  Fix xmlTextWriterWriteElement when a null content is given (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix an typo 'onrest' in htmlScriptAttributes (Daniel Veillard),
+  fixing a ptotential uninitialized access (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix an fd leak in an error case (Daniel Veillard),
+  Missing initialization for the catalog module (Daniel Veillard),
+  Handling of XPath function arguments in error case (Nick Wellnhofer),
+  Fix a couple of missing NULL checks (Gaurav),
+  Avoid a possibility of dangling encoding handler (Gaurav),
+  Fix HTML push parser to accept HTML_PARSE_NODEFDTD (Arnold Hendriks),
+  Fix a bug loading some compressed files (Mike Alexander),
+  Fix XPath node comparison bug (Gaurav),
+  Type mismatch in xmlschemas.c (Gaurav),
+  Type mismatch in xmlschemastypes.c (Gaurav),
+  Avoid a deadcode in catalog.c (Daniel Veillard),
+  run close socket on Solaris, same as we do on other platforms (Denis Pauk),
+  Fix pointer dereferenced before null check (Gaurav),
+  Fix a potential NULL dereference in tree code (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix potential NULL pointer dereferences in regexp code (Gaurav),
+  xmllint --pretty crashed without following numeric argument (Tim Galeckas),
+  Fix XPath expressions of the form '@ns:*' (Nick Wellnhofer),
+  Fix XPath '//' optimization with predicates (Nick Wellnhofer),
+  Clear up a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix a possible NULL dereference (Gaurav),
+  Avoid crash if allocation fails (Daniel Veillard),
+  Remove occasional leading space in XPath number formatting (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix handling of mmap errors (Daniel Veillard),
+  Catch malloc error and exit accordingly (Daniel Veillard),
+  missing else in xlink.c (Ami Fischman),
+  Fix a parsing bug on non-ascii element and CR/LF usage (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix a regression in xmlGetDocCompressMode() (Daniel Veillard),
+  properly quote the namespace uris written out during c14n (Aleksey Sanin),
+  Remove premature XInclude check on URI being relative (Alexey Neyman),
+  Fix missing break on last() function for attributes (dcb),
+  Do not URI escape in server side includes (Romain Bondue),
+  Fix an error in xmlCleanupParser (Alexander Pastukhov)
+   - Documentation:
+  typo in error messages "colon are forbidden from..." (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix a link to James SAX documentation old page (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix typos in relaxng.c (Jan Pokorný),
+  Fix a doc typo (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix typos in {tree,xpath}.c (errror) (Jan Pokorný),
+  Add limitations about encoding conversion (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix typos in xmlschemas{,types}.c (Jan Pokorný),
+  Fix incorrect spelling entites->entities (Jan Pokorný),
+  Forgot to document 2.9.1 release, regenerate docs (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Portability:
+  AC_CONFIG_FILES and executable bit (Roumen Petrov),
+  remove HAVE_CONFIG_H dependency in testlimits.c (Roumen Petrov),
+  fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Roumen Petrov),
+  Visual Studio 14 CTP defines snprintf() (Francis Dupont),
+  OS400: do not try to copy unexisting doc files (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: use either or (Patrick Monnerat),
+  os400: create physical file with target CCSID (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: Add some more C macros equivalent procedures. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: use C macros to implement equivalent RPG support procedures. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: implement XPath macros as procedures for ILE/RPG support. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: include in distribution tarball. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: Add README: compilation directives and OS/400 specific stuff. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: Add compilation scripts. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: ILE RPG language header files. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: implement some macros as functions for ILE/RPG language support (that as no macros). (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: UTF8<-->EBCDIC wrappers for system and external library calls (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: Easy character transcoding support (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: iconv functions compatibility wrappers and table builder. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  OS400: create architecture directory. Implement dlfcn emulation. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Fix building when configuring without xpath and xptr (Daniel Veillard),
+  configure: Add --with-python-install-dir (Jonas Eriksson),
+  Fix compilation with minimum and xinclude. (Nicolas Le Cam),
+  Compile out use of xmlValidateNCName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam),
+  Fix compilation with minimum and schematron. (Nicolas Le Cam),
+  Legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement(). (Nicolas Le Cam),
+  Don't use xmlValidateName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam),
+  Fix a portability issue on Windows (Longstreth Jon),
+  Various portability patches for OpenVMS (Jacob (Jouk) Jansen),
+  Use specific macros for portability to OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Add macros needed for OS/400 portability (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Portability patch for fopen on OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Portability fixes for OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Improve va_list portability (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Generic portability fix (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Shortening lines in headers (Patrick Monnerat),
+  build: Use pkg-config to find liblzma in preference to AC_CHECK_LIB (Philip Withnall),
+  build: Add @LZMA_LIBS@ to libxml’s pkg-config files (Philip Withnall),
+  fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+  add additional defines checks for support "./configure --with-minimum" (Denis Pauk),
+  Another round of fixes for older versions of Python (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis),
+  python: fix for python3 compatibility (Alexandre Rostovtsev),
+  python: Fix compiler warnings when building python3 bindings (Armin K),
+  Fix for compilation with python 2.6.8 (Petr Sumbera)
+   - Improvements:
+  win32/libxml2.def.src after rebuild in doc (Roumen Petrov),
+  elfgcchack.h: more legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement() (Roumen Petrov),
+  elfgcchack.h: add xmlXPathNodeEval and xmlXPathSetContextNode (Roumen Petrov),
+  Provide cmake module (Samuel Martin),
+  Fix a couple of issues raised by make dist (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix and add const qualifiers (Kurt Roeckx),
+  Preparing for upcoming release of 2.9.2 (Daniel Veillard),
+  Fix zlib and lzma libraries check via command line (Dmitriy),
+  wrong error column in structured error when parsing end tag (Juergen Keil),
+  doc/news.html: small update to avoid line join while generating NEWS. (Patrick Monnerat),
+  Add methods for python3 iterator (Ron Angeles),
+  Support element node traversal in document fragments. (Kyle VanderBeek),
+  xmlNodeSetName: Allow setting the name to a substring of the currently set name (Tristan Van Berkom),
+  Added macros for argument casts (Eric Zurcher),
+  adding init calls to xml and html Read parsing entry points (Daniel Veillard),
+  Get rid of 'REPLACEMENT CHARACTER' Unicode chars in xmlschemas.c (Jan Pokorný),
+  Implement choice for name classes on attributes (Shaun McCance),
+  Two small namespace tweaks (Daniel Veillard),
+  xmllint --memory should fail on empty files (Daniel Veillard),
+  Cast encoding name to char pointer to match arg type (Nikolay Sivov)
+   - Cleanups:
+  Removal of old (Daniel Veillard),
+  Unreachable code in tree.c (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Remove a couple of dead conditions (Gaurav Gupta),
+  Avoid some dead code and cleanup in relaxng.c (Gaurav),
+  Drop not needed checks (Denis Pauk),
+  Fix a wrong test (Daniel Veillard)
+2.9.1: Apr 19 2013:
+   -  Features:
+    Support for Python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add xmlXPathSetContextNode and xmlXPathNodeEval (Alex Bligh)
+   -  Documentation:
+    Add documentation for xmllint --xpath (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix the URL of the SAX documentation from James (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix spelling of "length". (Michael Wood)
+   -  Portability:
+    Fix python bindings with versions older than 2.7 (Daniel Veillard),
+    rebuild (Roumen Petrov),
+    elfgcchack.h after rebuild in doc (Roumen Petrov),
+    elfgcchack for buf module (Roumen Petrov),
+    Fix a uneeded and wrong extra link parameter (Daniel Veillard),
+    Few cleanup patches for Windows (Denis Pauk),
+    Fix rpmbuild --nocheck (Mark Salter),
+    Fix for win32/configure.js and WITH_THREAD_ALLOC (Daniel Richard),
+    Fix Broken multi-arch support in xml2-config (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a portability issue for GCC < 3.4.0 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Windows build fixes (Daniel Richard),
+    Fix a thread portability problem (Friedrich Haubensak),
+    Downgrade autoconf requirement to 2.63 (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+    Fix a linking error for python bindings (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a couple of return without value (Jüri Aedla),
+    Improve the hashing functions (Daniel Franke),
+    Improve handling of xmlStopParser() (Daniel Veillard),
+    Remove risk of lockup in dictionary initialization (Daniel Veillard),
+    Activate detection of encoding in external subset (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an output buffer flushing conversion bug (Mikhail Titov),
+    Fix an old bug in xmlSchemaValidateOneElement (Csaba László),
+    Fix configure cannot remove messages (Gilles Espinasse),
+    fix schema validation in combination with xsi:nil (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmlCtxtReadFile doesn't work with literal IPv6 URLs (Steve Wolf),
+    Fix a few problems with setEntityLoader (Alexey Neyman),
+    Detect excessive entities expansion upon replacement (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix the flushing out of raw buffers on encoding conversions (Daniel,
+    Fix some buffer conversion issues (Daniel Veillard),
+    When calling xmlNodeDump make sure we grow the buffer quickly (Daniel,
+    Fix an error in the progressive DTD parsing code (Dan Winship),
+    xmllint should not load DTD by default when using the reader (Daniel,
+    Try IBM-037 when looking for EBCDIC handlers (Petr Sumbera),
+    Fix potential out of bound access (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix large parse of file from memory (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a bug in the nsclean option of the parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a regression in 2.9.0 breaking validation while streaming (Daniel,
+    Remove potential calls to exit() (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Improvements:
+    Regenerated API, and testapi, rebuild documentation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix tree iterators broken by 2to3 script (Daniel Veillard),
+    update all tests for Python3 and Python2 (Daniel Veillard),
+    A few more fixes for python 3 affecting (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix compilation on Python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Converting to python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+    First pass at starting porting to python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+    updated for python3 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add support for xpathRegisterVariable in Python (Shaun McCance),
+    Added a regression tests from bug 694228 data (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cache presence of '<' in entities content (Daniel Veillard),
+    Avoid extra processing on entities (Daniel Veillard),
+    Python binding for xmlRegisterInputCallback (Alexey Neyman),
+    Python bindings: DOM casts everything to xmlNode (Alexey Neyman),
+    Define LIBXML_THREAD_ALLOC_ENABLED via xmlversion.h (Tim Starling),
+    Adding streaming validation to runtest checks (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add a --pushsmall option to xmllint (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Cleanups:
+    Switched comment in file to UTF-8 encoding (Daniel Veillard),
+    Extend gitignore (Daniel Veillard),
+    Silent the new python test on input (Alexey Neyman),
+    Cleanup of a duplicate test (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup on duplicate test expressions (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix compiler warning after 153cf15905cf4ec080612ada6703757d10caba1e (Patrick,
+    Spec cleanups and a fix for multiarch support (Daniel Veillard),
+    Silence a clang warning (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup the Copyright to be pure MIT Licence wording (Daniel Veillard),
+    rand_seed should be static in dict.c (Wouter Van Rooy),
+    Fix typos in parser comments (Jan Pokorný)
+2.9.0: Sep 11 2012:
+   -  Features:
+    A few new API entry points,
+    More resilient push parser mode,
+    A lot of portability improvement,
+    Faster XPath evaluation
+   -  Documentation:
+    xml2-config.1 markup error (Christian Weisgerber),
+    libxml(3) manpage typo fix (John Bradshaw),
+    More cleanups to the documentation part of libxml2 (Daniel Richard G)
+   -  Portability:
+    Bug 676544 - fails to build with --without-sax1 (Akira TAGOH),
+    fix builds not having stdint.h (Rob Richards),
+    GetProcAddressA is available only on WinCE (Daniel Veillard),
+    More updates and cleanups on autotools and Makefiles (Daniel Richard G),
+    More changes for Win32 compilation (Eric Zurcher),
+    Basic changes for Win32 builds of release 2.9.0: compile buf.c (Eric Zurcher),
+    Bundles all generated files for python into the distribution (Daniel Richard G),
+    Fix compiler warnings of wincecompat.c (Patrick Gansterer),
+    Fix non __GNUC__ build (Patrick Gansterer),
+    Fix windows unicode build (Patrick Gansterer),
+    clean redefinition of {v}snprintf in C-source (Roumen Petrov),
+    use xmlBuf... if DEBUG_INPUT is defined (Roumen Petrov),
+    fix runtests to use pthreads support for various Unix platforms (Daniel Richard G),
+    Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups 2nd part (Daniel Richard G),
+    Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups (Daniel Richard G),
+    Fix compilation on older Visual Studio (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+    Change the XPath code to percolate allocation errors (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix reuse of xmlInitParser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix potential crash on entities errors (Daniel Veillard),
+    initialize var (Rob Richards),
+    Fix the XPath arity check to also check the XPath stack limits (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix problem with specific and generic error handlers (Pietro Cerutti),
+    Avoid a potential infinite recursion (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an XSD error when generating internal automata (Daniel Veillard),
+    Patch for xinclude of text using multibyte characters (Vitaly Ostanin),
+    Fix a segfault on XSD validation on pattern error (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix missing xmlsave.h module which was ignored in recent builds (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add a missing element check (Daniel Veillard),
+    Adding various checks on node type though the API (Daniel Veillard),
+    Namespace nodes can't be unlinked with xmlUnlinkNode (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix make dist to include new private header files (Daniel Veillard),
+    More fixups on the push parser behaviour (Daniel Veillard),
+    Strengthen behaviour of the push parser in problematic situations (Daniel Veillard),
+    Enforce XML_PARSER_EOF state handling through the parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fixup limits parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Do not fetch external parsed entities (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an error in previous commit (Aron Xu),
+    Fix entities local buffers size problems (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix parser local buffers size problems (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a failure to report xmlreader parsing failures (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Improvements:
+    Keep libxml2.syms when running "make distclean" (Daniel Veillard),
+    Allow to set the quoting character of an xmlWriter (Csaba Raduly),
+    Keep non-significant blanks node in HTML parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add a forbidden variable error number and message to XPath (Daniel Veillard),
+    Support long path names on WNT (Michael Stahl),
+    Improve HTML escaping of attribute on output (Daniel Veillard),
+    Handle ICU_LIBS as LIBADD, not LDFLAGS to prevent linking errors (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis),
+    Switching XPath node sorting to Timsort (Vojtech Fried),
+    Optimizing '//' in XPath expressions (Nick Wellnhofer),
+    Expose xmlBufShrink in the public tree API (Daniel Veillard),
+    Visible HTML elements close the head tag (Conrad Irwin),
+    Fix file and line report for XSD SAX and reader streaming validation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix const qualifyer to definition of xmlBufferDetach (Daniel Veillard),
+    minimize use of HAVE_CONFIG_H (Roumen Petrov),
+    fixup regression in Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups (Roumen Petrov),
+    Add support for big line numbers in error reporting (Daniel Veillard),
+    Avoid using xmlBuffer for serialization (Daniel Veillard),
+    Improve compatibility between xmlBuf and xmlBuffer (Daniel Veillard),
+    Provide new accessors for xmlOutputBuffer (Daniel Veillard),
+    Improvements for old buffer compatibility (Daniel Veillard),
+    Expand the limit test program (Daniel Veillard),
+    Improve error reporting on parser errors (Daniel Veillard),
+    Implement some default limits in the XPath module (Daniel Veillard),
+    Introduce some default parser limits (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanups and new limit APIs for dictionaries (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fixup for buf.c (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup URI module memory allocation code (Daniel Veillard),
+    Extend testlimits (Daniel Veillard),
+    More avoid quadratic behaviour (Daniel Veillard),
+    Impose a reasonable limit on PI size (Daniel Veillard),
+    first version of testlimits new test (Daniel Veillard),
+    Avoid quadratic behaviour in some push parsing cases (Daniel Veillard),
+    Impose a reasonable limit on comment size (Daniel Veillard),
+    Impose a reasonable limit on attribute size (Daniel Veillard),
+    Harden the buffer code and make it more compatible (Daniel Veillard),
+    More cleanups for input/buffers code (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup function xmlBufResetInput(), to set input from Buffer (Daniel Veillard)
+    Swicth the test program for characters to new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert the HTML tree module to the new buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert of the HTML parser to new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert the writer to new output buffer and save APIs (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert XMLReader to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    New saving functions using xmlBuf and conversion (Daniel Veillard),
+    Provide new xmlBuf based saving functions (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert XInclude to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert catalog code to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert C14N to the new Input buffer (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert xmlIO.c to the new input and output buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert XML parser to the new input buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Incompatible change to the Input and Output buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Adding new encoding function to deal with the new structures (Daniel Veillard),
+    Convert XPath to xmlBuf (Daniel Veillard),
+    Adding a new buf module for buffers (Daniel Veillard),
+    Memory error within SAX2 reuse common framework (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix xmllint --xpath node initialization (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Cleanups:
+    Various cleanups to avoid compiler warnings (Daniel Veillard),
+    Big space and tab cleanup (Daniel Veillard),
+    Followup to LibXML2 docs/examples cleanup patch (Daniel Veillard),
+    Second round of cleanups for LibXML2 docs/examples (Daniel Richard),
+    Remove all .cvsignore as they are not used anymore (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a Timsort function helper comment (Daniel Veillard),
+    Small cleanup for valgrind target (Daniel Veillard),
+    Patch for portability of latin characters in C files (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup some of the parser code (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a variable name in comment (Daniel Veillard),
+    Regenerated testapi.c (Daniel Veillard),
+    Regenerating docs and API files (Daniel Veillard),
+    Small cleanup of unused variables in test (Daniel Veillard),
+    Expand .gitignore with more files (Daniel Veillard)
+2.8.0: May 23 2012:
+   - Features:
+  add lzma compression support (Anders F Bjorklund)
+   - Documentation:
+    xmlcatalog: Add uri and delegateURI to possible add types in man page. (Ville Skyttä),
+    Update README.tests (Daniel Veillard),
+    URI handling code is not OOM resilient (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an error in comment (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fixed bug #617016 (Daniel Mustieles),
+    Fixed two typos in the README document (Daniel Neel),
+    add generated html files (Anders F Bjorklund),
+    Clarify the need to use xmlFreeNode after xmlUnlinkNode (Daniel Veillard),
+    Improve documentation a bit (Daniel Veillard),
+    Updated URL for lxml python bindings (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Portability:
+    Restore code for Windows compilation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Remove git error message during configure (Christian Dywan),
+    xmllint: Build fix for endTimer if !defined(HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY) (Patrick R. Gansterer),
+    remove a bashism in (John Hein),
+    undef ERROR if already defined (Patrick R. Gansterer),
+    Fix library problems with mingw-w64 (Michael Cronenworth),
+    fix windows build. ifdef addition from bug 666491 makes no sense (Rob Richards),
+    prefer native threads on win32 (Sam Thursfield),
+    Allow to compile with Visual Studio 2010 (Thomas Lemm),
+    Fix mingw's snprintf configure check (Andoni Morales),
+    fixed a 64bit big endian issue (Marcus Meissner),
+    Fix portability failure if netdb.h lacks NO_ADDRESS (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix windows build from lzma addition (Rob Richards),
+    autogen: Only check for libtoolize (Colin Walters),
+    Fix the Windows build files (Patrick von Reth),
+    634846 Remove a linking option breaking Windows VC10 (Daniel Veillard),
+    599241 fix an initialization problem on Win64 (Andrew W. Nosenko),
+    fix win build (Rob Richards)
+   - Bug fixes:
+    Part for rand_r checking missing (Daniel Veillard),
+    Cleanup on randomization (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix undefined reference in python module (Pacho Ramos),
+    Fix a race in xmlNewInputStream (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix weird streaming RelaxNG errors (Noam),
+    Fix various bugs in new code raised by the API checking (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix various problems with "make dist" (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a memory leak in the xzlib code (Daniel Veillard),
+    HTML parser error with <noscript> in the <head> (Denis Pauk),
+    XSD: optional element in complex type extension (Remi Gacogne),
+    Fix html serialization error and htmlSetMetaEncoding() (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a wrong return value in previous patch (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an uninitialized variable use (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a compilation problem with --minimum (Brandon Slack),
+    Remove redundant and ungarded include of resolv.h (Daniel Veillard),
+    xinclude with parse="text" does not use the entity loader (Shaun McCance),
+    Allow to parse 1 byte HTML files (Denis Pauk),
+    Patch that fixes the skipping of the HTML_PARSE_NOIMPLIED flag (Martin Schröder),
+    Avoid memory leak if xmlParserInputBufferCreateIO fails (Lin Yi-Li),
+    Prevent an infinite loop when dumping a node with encoding problems (Timothy Elliott),
+    xmlParseNodeInContext problems with an empty document (Tim Elliott),
+    HTML element position is not detected propperly (Pavel Andrejs),
+    Fix an off by one pointer access (Jüri Aedla),
+    Try to fix a problem with entities in SAX mode (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a crash with xmllint --path on empty results (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fixed bug #667946 (Daniel Mustieles),
+    Fix a logic error in Schemas Component Constraints (Ryan Sleevi),
+    Fix a wrong enum type use in Schemas Types (Nico Weber),
+    Fix SAX2 builder in case of undefined attributes namespace (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix SAX2 builder in case of undefined element namespaces (Daniel Veillard),
+    fix reference to STDOUT_FILENO on MSVC (Tay Ray Chuan),
+    fix a pair of possible out of array char references (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an allocation error when copying entities (Daniel Veillard),
+    Make sure the parser returns when getting a Stop order (Chris Evans),
+    Fix some potential problems on reallocation failures(parser.c) (Xia Xinfeng),
+    Fix a schema type duration comparison overflow (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an unimplemented part in RNG value validation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix missing error status in XPath evaluation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Hardening of XPath evaluation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix an off by one error in encoding (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix RELAX NG include bug #655288 (Shaun McCance),
+    Fix XSD validation bug #630130 (Toyoda Eizi),
+    Fix some potential problems on reallocation failures (Chris Evans),
+    __xmlRaiseError: fix use of the structured callback channel (Dmitry V. Levin),
+    __xmlRaiseError: fix the structured callback channel's data initialization (Dmitry V. Levin),
+    Fix memory corruption when xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryInternal is called from xmlParseBalancedChunk (Rob Richards),
+    Small fix for previous commit (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a potential freeing error in XPath (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a potential memory access error (Daniel Veillard),
+    Reactivate the shared library versionning script (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Improvements:
+    use mingw C99 compatible functions {v}snprintf instead those from MSVC runtime (Roumen Petrov),
+    New symbols added for the next release (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmlTextReader bails too quickly on error (Andy Lutomirski),
+    Use a hybrid allocation scheme in xmlNodeSetContent (Conrad Irwin),
+    Use buffers when constructing string node lists. (Conrad Irwin),
+    Add HTML parser support for HTML5 meta charset encoding declaration (Denis Pauk),
+    wrong message for double hyphen in comment XML error (Bryan Henderson),
+    Fix "make tst" to grab lzma lib too (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add "whereis" command to xmllint shell (Ryan),
+    Improve xmllint shell (Ryan),
+    add function xmlTextReaderRelaxNGValidateCtxt() (Noam Postavsky),
+    Add --system support to (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add hash randomization to hash and dict structures (Daniel Veillard),
+    included xzlib in dist (Anders F Bjorklund),
+    move xz/lzma helpers to separate included files (Anders F Bjorklund),
+    add generated devhelp files (Anders F Bjorklund),
+    add XML_WITH_LZMA to api (Anders F Bjorklund),
+ Honor NOCONFIGURE environment variable (Colin Walters),
+    Improve the error report on undefined REFs (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add exception for new W3C PI xml-model (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add options to ignore the internal encoding (Daniel Veillard),
+    testapi: use the right type for the check (Stefan Kost),
+    various: handle return values of write calls (Stefan Kost),
+    testWriter: xmlTextWriterWriteFormatElement wants an int instead of a long int (Stefan Kost),
+    runxmlconf: update to latest testsuite version (Stefan Kost),
+    configure: add -Wno-long-long to CFLAGS (Stefan Kost),
+    configure: support silent automake rules if possible (Stefan Kost),
+    xmlmemory: add a cast as size_t has no portable printf modifier (Stefan Kost),
+    __xmlRaiseError: remove redundant schannel initialization (Dmitry V. Levin),
+    __xmlRaiseError: do cheap code check early (Dmitry V. Levin)
+   - Cleanups:
+    Cleanups before 2.8.0-rc2 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Avoid an extra operation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Remove vestigial de-ANSI-fication support. (Javier Jardón),
+ Fix typo (Javier Jardón),
+    Do not use unsigned but unsigned int (Daniel Veillard),
+    Remove two references to u_short (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix -Wempty-body warning from clang (Nico Weber),
+    Cleanups of lzma support (Daniel Veillard),
+    Augment the list of ignored files (Daniel Veillard),
+    python: remove unused variable (Stefan Kost),
+    python: flag two unused args (Stefan Kost),
+    configure: acconfig.h is deprecated since autoconf-2.50 (Stefan Kost),
+    xpath: remove unused variable (Stefan Kost)
+2.7.8: Nov 4 2010:
+   -  Features:
+    480323 add code to plug in ICU converters by default (Giuseppe Iuculano),
+    Add xmlSaveOption XML_SAVE_WSNONSIG (Adam Spragg)
+   -  Documentation:
+    Fix devhelp documentation installation (Mike Hommey),
+    Fix web site encoding problems (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a couple of typo in HTML parser error messages (Michael Day),
+    Forgot to update the news page for 0.7.7 (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Portability:
+    607273 Fix python detection on MSys/Windows (LRN),
+    614087 Fix Socket API usage to allow Windows64 compilation (Ozkan Sezer),
+    Fix compilation with Clang (Koop Mast),
+    Fix Win32 build (Rob Richards)
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+    595789 fix a remaining potential Solaris problem (Daniel Veillard),
+    617468 fix progressive HTML parsing with style using "'" (Denis Pauk),
+    616478 Fix xmllint shell write command (Gwenn Kahz),
+    614005 Possible erroneous HTML parsing on unterminated script (Pierre Belzile),
+    627987 Fix XSD IDC errors in imported schemas (Jim Panetta),
+    629325 XPath rounding errors first cleanup (Phil Shafer),
+    630140 fix iso995x encoding error (Daniel Veillard),
+    make sure htmlCtxtReset do reset the disableSAX field (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a change of semantic on XPath preceding and following axis (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a potential segfault due to weak symbols on pthreads (Mike Hommey),
+    Fix a leak in XPath compilation (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix the semantic of XPath axis for namespace/attribute context nodes (Daniel Veillard),
+    Avoid a descriptor leak in catalog loading code (Carlo Bramini),
+    Fix a small bug in XPath evaluation code (Marius Wachtler),
+    Fix handling of XML-1.0 XML namespace declaration (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix errors in XSD double validation check (Csaba Raduly),
+    Fix handling of apos in URIs (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml should handle DTD (Rob Richards),
+ needs to create m4 directory (Rob Richards)
+   -  Improvements:
+    606592 update language ID parser to RFC 5646 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Sort python generated stubs (Mike Hommey),
+    Add an HTML parser option to avoid a default doctype (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Cleanups:
+    618831 don't ship generated files in git (Adrian Bunk),
+    Switch from the obsolete mkinstalldirs to AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (Adrian Bunk),
+    Various cleanups on encoding handling (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix xmllint to use format=1 for default formatting (Adam Spragg),
+    Force _xmlSaveCtxt.format to be 0 or 1 (Adam Spragg),
+    Cleanup encoding pointer comparison (Nikolay Sivov),
+    Small code cleanup on previous patch (Daniel Veillard)
+2.7.7: Mar 15 2010:
+   -  Improvements:
+    Adding a --xpath option to xmllint (Daniel Veillard),
+    Make HTML parser non-recursive (Eugene Pimenov)
+   -  Portability:
+    relaxng.c: cast to allow compilation with sun studio 11 (Ben Walton),
+    Fix build failure on Sparc solaris (Roumen Petrov),
+    use autoreconf in (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix build with mingw (Roumen Petrov),
+    Upgrade some of the configure and autogen (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix relaxNG tests in runtest for Windows runtest.c: initialize ret (Rob Richards),
+    Fix a const warning in xmlNodeSetBase (Martin Trappel),
+    Fix python generator to not use deprecated xmllib (Daniel Veillard),
+    Update some automake files (Daniel Veillard),
+    598785 Fix nanohttp on Windows (spadix)
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+    libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes (Mark Adler),
+    Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix  missing win32 libraries in libxml-2.0.pc (Volker Grabsch),
+    Fix detection of python linker flags (Daniel Macks),
+    fix build error in libxml2/python (Paul Smith),
+    ChunkParser: Incorrect decoding of small xml files (Raul Hudea),
+    htmlCheckEncoding doesn't update input-end after shrink (Eugene Pimenov),
+    Fix a missing #ifdef (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix encoding selection for xmlParseInNodeContext (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmlPreviousElementSibling mistake (François Delyon),
+    608773 add a missing check in xmlGROW (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix xmlParseInNodeContext for HTML content (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix lost namespace when copying node * tree.c: reconcile namespace if not found (Rob Richards),
+    Fix some missing commas in HTML element lists (Eugene Pimenov),
+    Correct variable type to unsigned (Nikolay Sivov),
+    Recognize ID attribute in HTML without DOCTYPE (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix memory leak in xmlXPathEvalExpression() (Martin),
+    Fix an init bug in global.c (Kai Henning),
+    Fix xmlNodeSetBase() comment (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix broken escape behaviour in regexp ranges (Daniel Veillard),
+    Don't give default HTML boolean attribute values in parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmlCtxtResetLastError should reset ctxt-errNo (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Cleanups:
+    Cleanup a couple of weirdness in HTML parser (Eugene Pimenov)
+2.7.6: Oct  6 2009:
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+     Restore thread support in default configuration (Andrew W. Nosenko),
+     URI with no path parsing problem (Daniel Veillard),
+     Minor patch for conditional defines in threads.c (Eric Zurcher)
+2.7.5: Sep 24 2009:
+   -  Bug Fixes:
+    Restore behavior of --with-threads without argument (Andrew W. Nosenko),
+    Fix memory leak when doc is NULL (Rob Richards),
+    595792 fixing a RelaxNG bug introduced in 2.7.4 (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a Relaxng bug raised by libvirt test suite (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a parsing problem with little data at startup (Daniel Veillard),
+    link python module with python library (Frederic Crozat),
+    594874 Forgot an fclose in xmllint (Daniel Veillard)
+   -  Cleanup:
+    Adding symbols.xml to EXTRA_DIST (Daniel Veillard)
+2.7.4: Sep 10 2009:
+   - Improvements:
+    Switch to GIT (GNOME),
+    Add symbol versioning to libxml2 shared libs (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Portability:
+    593857 try to work around thread pbm MinGW 4.4 (Daniel Veillard),
+    594250 rename ATTRIBUTE_ALLOC_SIZE to avoid clashes (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix Windows build * relaxng.c: fix windows build (Rob Richards),
+    Fix the globals.h to use XMLPUBFUN (Paul Smith),
+    Problem with extern extern in header (Daniel Veillard),
+    Add -lnetwork for compiling on Haiku (Scott McCreary),
+    Runtest portability patch for Solaris (Tim Rice),
+    Small patch to accomodate the Haiku OS (Scott McCreary),
+    584605 package VxWorks folder in the distribution (Daniel Veillard),
+    574017 Realloc too expensive on most platform (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix windows build (Rob Richards),
+    545579 doesn't compile without schema support (Daniel Veillard),
+    xmllint use xmlGetNodePath when not compiled in (Daniel Veillard),
+    Try to avoid __imp__xmlFree link trouble on msys (Daniel Veillard),
+    Allow to select the threading system on Windows (LRN),
+    Fix Solaris binary links, cleanups (Daniel Veillard),
+    Bug 571059 – MSVC doesn't work with the bakefile (Intron),
+    fix ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF header clash (Belgabor and Mike Hommey),
+    fixes for Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero compilers (Eric Zurcher)
+   - Documentation:
+    544910 typo: "renciliateNs" (Leonid Evdokimov),
+    Add VxWorks to list of OSes (Daniel Veillard),
+    Regenerate the documentation and update for git (Daniel Veillard),
+    560524 ¿ xmlTextReaderLocalName description (Daniel Veillard),
+    Added sponsoring by AOE media for the server (Daniel Veillard),
+    updated URLs for GNOME (Vincent Lefevre),
+    more warnings about xmlCleanupThreads and xmlCleanupParser (Daniel Veillard)
+   - Bug fixes:
+    594514 memory leaks - duplicate initialization (MOD),
+    Wrong block opening in htmlNodeDumpOutputInternal (Daniel Veillard),
+    492317 Fix  Relax-NG validation problems (Daniel Veillard),
+    558452 fight with reg test and error report (Daniel Veillard),
+    558452 RNG compilation of optional multiple child (Daniel Veillard),
+    579746 XSD validation not correct / nilable groups (Daniel Veillard),
+    502960 provide namespace stack when parsing entity (Daniel Veillard),
+    566012 part 2 fix regresion tests and push mode (Daniel Veillard),
+    566012 autodetected encoding and encoding conflict (Daniel Veillard),
+    584220 xpointer(/) and xinclude problems (Daniel Veillard),
+    587663 Incorrect Attribute-Value Normalization (Daniel Veillard),
+    444994 HTML chunked failure for attribute with <> (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix end of buffer char being split in XML parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    Non ASCII character may be split at buffer end (Adiel Mittmann),
+    440226 Add xmlXIncludeProcessTreeFlagsData API (Stefan Behnel),
+    572129 speed up parsing of large HTML text nodes (Markus Kull),
+    Fix HTML parsing with 0 character in CDATA (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix SetGenericErrorFunc and SetStructured clash (Wang Lam),
+    566012  Incomplete EBCDIC parsing support (Martin Kogler),
+    541335 HTML avoid creating 2 head or 2 body element (Daniel Veillard),
+    541237 error correcting missing end tags in HTML (Daniel Veillard),
+    583439 missing line numbers in push mode (Daniel Veillard),
+    587867 xmllint --html --xmlout serializing as HTML (Daniel Veillard),
+    559501 avoid select and use poll for nanohttp (Raphael Prevost),
+    559410 -  Regexp bug on (...)? constructs (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a small problem on previous HTML parser patch (Daniel Veillard),
+    592430 -  HTML parser runs into endless loop (Daniel Veillard),
+    447899 potential double free in xmlFreeTextReader (Daniel Veillard),
+    446613 small validation bug mixed content with NS (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix the problem of revalidating a doc with RNG (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix xmlKeepBlanksDefault to not break indent (Nick Wellnhofer),
+    512131 refs from externalRef part need to be added (Daniel Veillard),
+    512131 crash in xmlRelaxNGValidateFullElement (Daniel Veillard),
+    588441 allow '.' in HTML Names even if invalid (Daniel Veillard),
+    582913 Fix htmlSetMetaEncoding() to be nicer (Daniel Veillard),
+    579317 Try to find the HTML encoding information (Daniel Veillard),
+    575875 don't output charset=html (Daniel Veillard),
+    571271 fix semantic of xsd:all with minOccurs=0 (Daniel Veillard),
+    570702 fix a bug in regexp determinism checking (Daniel Veillard),
+    567619 xmlValidateNotationUse missing param test (Daniel Veillard),
+    574393 ¿ utf-8 filename magic for compressed files (Hans Breuer),
+    Fix a couple of problems in the parser (Daniel Veillard),
+    585505 ¿ Document ids and refs populated by XSD (Wayne Jensen),
+    582906 XSD validating multiple imports of the same schema (Jason Childs),
+    Bug 582887 ¿ problems validating complex schemas (Jason Childs),
+    Bug 579729 ¿ fix XSD schemas parsing crash (Miroslav Bajtos),
+    576368 ¿ htmlChunkParser with special attributes (Jiri Netolicky),
+    Bug 565747 ¿ relax anyURI data character checking (Vincent Lefevre),
+    Preserve attributes of include start on tree copy (Petr Pajas),
+    Skip silently unrecognized XPointer schemes (Jakub Wilk),
+    Fix leak on SAX1, xmllint --sax1 option and debug (Daniel Veillard),
+    potential NULL dereference on non-glibc (Jim Meyering),
+    Fix an XSD validation crash (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a regression in streaming entities support (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a couple of ABI issues with C14N 1.1 (Aleksey Sanin),
+    Aleksey Sanin support for c14n 1.1 (Aleksey Sanin),
+    reader bug fix with entities (Daniel Veillard),
+    use options from current parser ctxt for external entities (Rob Richards),
+    581612 use %s to printf strings (Christian Persch),
+    584605 change the threading initialization sequence (Igor Novoseltsev),
+    580705 keep line numbers in HTML parser (Aaron Patterson),
+    581803 broken HTML table attributes init (Roland Steiner),
+    do not set error code in xmlNsWarn (Rob Richards),
+    564217 fix structured error handling problems,
+    reuse options from current parser for entities (Rob Richards),
+    xmlXPathRegisterNs should not allow enpty prefixes (Daniel Veillard),
+    add a missing check in xmlAddSibling (Kris Breuker),
+    avoid leaks on errors (Jinmei Tatuya)
+   - Cleanup:
+    Chasing dead assignments reported by clang-scan (Daniel Veillard),
+    A few more safety cleanup raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fixing assorted potential problems raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
+    Potential uninitialized arguments raised by scan (Daniel Veillard),
+    Fix a bunch of scan 'dead increments' and cleanup (Daniel Veillard),
+    Remove a pedantic warning (Daniel Veillard),
+    555833 always use rm -f in uninstall-local (Daniel Veillard),
+    542394 xmlRegisterOutputCallbacks MAX_INPUT_CALLBACK (Daniel Veillard),
+    Autoregenerate libxml2.syms automated checkings (Daniel Veillard),
+    Make xmlRecoverDoc const (Martin Trappel) (Daniel Veillard),
+    Both args of xmlStrcasestr are const (Daniel Veillard),
+    hide the nbParse* variables used for debugging (Mike Hommey),
+    570806 changed include of config.h (William M. Brack),
+    cleanups and error reports when xmlTextWriterVSprintf fails (Jinmei Tatuya)
+2.7.3: Jan 18 2009:
+   - Build fix: fix build when HTML support is not included.
+   - Bug fixes: avoid memory overflow in gigantic text nodes,
+      indentation problem on the writed (Rob Richards),
+      xmlAddChildList pointer problem (Rob Richards and Kevin Milburn),
+      xmlAddChild problem with attribute (Rob Richards and Kris Breuker),
+      avoid a memory leak in an edge case (Daniel Zimmermann),
+      deallocate some pthread data (Alex Ott).
+   - Improvements: configure option to avoid rebuilding docs (Adrian Bunk),
+      limit text nodes to 10MB max by default, add element traversal
+      APIs, add a parser option to enable pre 2.7 SAX behavior (Rob Richards),
+      add gcc malloc checking (Marcus Meissner), add gcc printf like functions
+      parameters checking (Marcus Meissner).
+2.7.2: Oct 3 2008:
+   - Portability fix: fix solaris compilation problem, fix compilation
+        if XPath is not configured in
+   - Bug fixes: nasty entity bug introduced in 2.7.0, restore old behaviour
+        when saving an HTML doc with an xml dump function, HTML UTF-8 parsing
+        bug, fix reader custom error handlers (Riccardo Scussat)
+   - Improvement: xmlSave options for more flexibility to save as
+        XML/HTML/XHTML, handle leading BOM in HTML documents
+2.7.1: Sep 1 2008:
+   - Portability fix: Borland C fix (Moritz Both)
+   - Bug fixes: python serialization wrappers, XPath QName corner
+        case handking and leaks (Martin)
+   - Improvement: extend the xmlSave to handle HTML documents and trees
+   - Cleanup: python serialization wrappers
+2.7.0: Aug 30 2008:
+   - Documentation: switch ChangeLog to UTF-8, improve mutithreads and
+      xmlParserCleanup docs
+   - Portability fixes: Older Win32 platforms (Rob Richards), MSVC
+      porting fix (Rob Richards), Mac OS X regression tests (Sven Herzberg),
+      non GNUCC builds (Rob Richards), compilation on Haiku (Andreas Färber)
+   - Bug fixes: various realloc problems (Ashwin), potential double-free
+      (Ashwin), regexp crash, icrash with invalid whitespace facets (Rob
+      Richards), pattern fix when streaming (William Brack), various XML
+      parsing and validation fixes based on the W3C regression tests, reader
+      tree skipping function fix (Ashwin), Schemas regexps escaping fix
+      (Volker Grabsch), handling of entity push errors (Ashwin), fix a slowdown
+      when encoder cant serialize characters on output
+   - Code cleanup: compilation fix without the reader, without the output
+      (Robert Schwebel), python whitespace (Martin), many space/tabs cleanups,
+      serious cleanup of the entity handling code
+   - Improvement: switch parser to XML-1.0 5th edition, add parsing flags
+      for old versions, switch URI parsing to RFC 3986,
+      add xmlSchemaValidCtxtGetParserCtxt (Holger Kaelberer),
+      new hashing functions for dictionnaries (based on Stefan Behnel work),
+      improve handling of misplaced html/head/body in HTML parser, better
+      regression test tools and code coverage display, better algorithms
+      to detect various versions of the billion laughts attacks, make
+      arbitrary parser limits avoidable as a parser option
+2.6.32: Apr 8 2008:
+   - Documentation: returning heap memory to kernel (Wolfram Sang),
+      trying to clarify xmlCleanupParser() use, xmlXPathContext improvement
+      (Jack Jansen), improve the *Recover* functions documentation,
+      XmlNodeType doc link fix (Martijn Arts)
+   - Bug fixes: internal subset memory leak (Ashwin), avoid problem with
+      paths starting with // (Petr Sumbera), streaming XSD validation callback
+      patches (Ashwin), fix redirection on port other than 80 (William Brack),
+      SAX2 leak (Ashwin), XInclude fragment of own document (Chris Ryan),
+      regexp bug with '.' (Andrew Tosh), flush the writer at the end of the
+      document (Alfred Mickautsch), output I/O bug fix (William Brack),
+      writer CDATA output after a text node (Alex Khesin), UTF-16 encoding
+      detection (William Brack), fix handling of empty CDATA nodes for Safari
+      team, python binding problem with namespace nodes, improve HTML parsing
+      (Arnold Hendriks), regexp automata build bug, memory leak fix (Vasily
+      Chekalkin), XSD test crash, weird system parameter entity parsing problem,
+      allow save to file:///X:/ windows paths, various attribute normalisation
+      problems, externalSubsetSplit fix (Ashwin), attribute redefinition in
+      the DTD (Ashwin), fix in char ref parsing check (Alex Khesin), many
+      out of memory handling fixes (Ashwin), XPath out of memory handling fixes
+      (Alvaro Herrera), various realloc problems (Ashwin), UCS4 encoding
+      conversion buffer size (Christian Fruth), problems with EatName
+      functions on memory errors, BOM handling in external parsed entities
+      (Mark Rowe)
+   - Code cleanup: fix build under VS 2008 (David Wimsey), remove useless
+      mutex in xmlDict (Florent Guilian), Mingw32 compilation fix (Carlo
+      Bramini), Win and MacOS EOL cleanups (Florent Guiliani), iconv need
+      a const detection (Roumen Petrov), simplify xmlSetProp (Julien Charbon),
+      cross compilation fixes for Mingw (Roumen Petrov), SCO Openserver build
+      fix (Florent Guiliani), iconv uses const on Win32 (Rob Richards),
+      duplicate code removal (Ashwin), missing malloc test and error reports
+      (Ashwin), VMS makefile fix (Tycho Hilhorst)
+   - improvements: better plug of schematron in the normal error handling
+      (Tobias Minich)
+2.6.31: Jan 11 2008:
+   - Security fix: missing of checks in UTF-8 parsing
+   - Bug fixes: regexp bug, dump attribute from XHTML document, fix
+      xmlFree(NULL) to not crash in debug mode, Schematron parsing crash
+      (Rob Richards), global lock free on Windows (Marc-Antoine Ruel),
+      XSD crash due to double free (Rob Richards), indentation fix in
+      xmlTextWriterFullEndElement (Felipe Pena), error in attribute type
+      parsing if attribute redeclared, avoid crash in hash list scanner if
+      deleting elements, column counter bug fix (Christian Schmidt),
+      HTML embed element saving fix (Stefan Behnel), avoid -L/usr/lib
+      output from xml2-config (Fred Crozat), avoid an xmllint crash 
+      (Stefan Kost), don't stop HTML parsing on out of range chars.
+   - Code cleanup: fix open() call third argument, regexp cut'n paste
+      copy error, unused variable in __xmlGlobalInitMutexLock (Hannes Eder),
+      some make distcheck realted fixes (John Carr)
+   - Improvements: HTTP Header: includes port number (William Brack),
+      testURI --debug option, 
+2.6.30: Aug 23 2007:
+   - Portability: Solaris crash on error handling, windows path fixes
+      (Roland Schwarz and Rob Richards), mingw build (Roland Schwarz)
+   - Bugfixes: xmlXPathNodeSetSort problem (William Brack), leak when
+      reusing a writer for a new document (Dodji Seketeli), Schemas
+      xsi:nil handling patch (Frank Gross), relative URI build problem
+      (Patrik Fimml), crash in xmlDocFormatDump, invalid char in comment
+      detection bug, fix disparity with xmlSAXUserParseMemory, automata
+      generation for complex regexp counts problems, Schemas IDC import
+      problems (Frank Gross), xpath predicate evailation error handling
+      (William Brack)
+2.6.29: Jun 12 2007:
+   - Portability: patches from Andreas Stricke for WinCEi,
+      fix compilation warnings (William Brack), avoid warnings on Apple OS/X
+      (Wendy Doyle and Mark Rowe), Windows compilation and threading
+      improvements (Rob Richards), compilation against old Python versions,
+      new GNU tar changes (Ryan Hill)
+   - Documentation: xmlURIUnescapeString comment, 
+   - Bugfixes: xmlBufferAdd problem (Richard Jones), 'make valgrind'
+      flag fix (Richard Jones), regexp interpretation of \,
+      htmlCreateDocParserCtxt (Jean-Daniel Dupas),
+      typo (Bjorn Reese), entity content failure, xmlListAppend() fix
+      (Georges-André Silber), XPath number serialization (William Brack),
+      nanohttp gzipped stream fix (William Brack and Alex Cornejo),
+      xmlCharEncFirstLine typo (Mark Rowe), uri bug (François Delyon),
+      XPath string value of PI nodes (William Brack), XPath node set
+      sorting bugs (William Brack), avoid outputting namespace decl
+      dups in the writer (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReset bug, UTF-8 encoding
+      error handling, recustion on next in catalogs, fix a Relax-NG crash,
+      workaround wrong file: URIs, htmlNodeDumpFormatOutput on attributes,
+      invalid character in attribute detection bug, big comments before 
+      internal subset streaming bug, HTML parsing of attributes with : in
+      the name, IDness of name in HTML (Dagfinn I. Mannsåker) 
+   - Improvement: keep URI query parts in raw form (Richard Jones),
+      embed tag support in HTML (Michael Day) 
+2.6.28: Apr 17 2007:
+   - Documentation: comment fixes (Markus Keim), xpath comments fixes too
+      (James Dennett)
+   - Bug fixes: XPath bug (William Brack), HTML parser autoclose stack usage
+      (Usamah Malik), various regexp bug fixes (DV and William), path conversion
+      on Windows (Igor Zlatkovic), htmlCtxtReset fix (Michael Day), XPath
+      principal node of axis bug, HTML serialization of some codepoint
+      (Steven Rainwater), user data propagation in XInclude (Michael Day),
+      standalone and XML decl detection (Michael Day), Python id ouptut
+      for some id, fix the big python string memory leak, URI parsing fixes
+      (Stéphane Bidoul and William), long comments parsing bug (William),
+      concurrent threads initialization (Ted Phelps), invalid char
+      in text XInclude (William), XPath memory leak (William), tab in
+      python problems (Andreas Hanke), XPath node comparison error
+      (Oleg Paraschenko), cleanup patch for reader (Julien Reichel),
+      XML Schemas attribute group (William), HTML parsing problem (William),
+      fix char 0x2d in regexps (William), regexp quantifier range with
+      min occurs of 0 (William), HTML script/style parsing (Mike Day)
+   - Improvement: make xmlTextReaderSetup() public
+   - Compilation and postability: fix a missing include problem (William),
+      __ss_familly on AIX again (Björn Wiberg), compilation without zlib
+      (Michael Day), catalog patch for Win32 (Christian Ehrlicher),
+      Windows CE fixes (Andreas Stricke)
+   - Various CVS to SVN infrastructure changes
+2.6.27: Oct 25 2006:
+   - Portability fixes: file names on windows (Roland Schwingel, 
+      Emelyanov Alexey), windows compile fixup (Rob Richards), 
+      AIX iconv() is apparently case sensitive
+   - improvements: Python XPath types mapping (Nic Ferrier), XPath optimization
+      (Kasimier), add xmlXPathCompiledEvalToBoolean (Kasimier), Python node
+      equality and comparison (Andreas Pakulat), xmlXPathCollectAndTest
+      improvememt (Kasimier), expose if library was compiled with zlib 
+      support (Andrew Nosenko), cache for xmlSchemaIDCMatcher structs
+      (Kasimier), xmlTextConcat should work with comments and PIs (Rob
+      Richards), export htmlNewParserCtxt needed by Michael Day, refactoring
+      of catalog entity loaders (Michael Day), add XPointer support to 
+      python bindings (Ross Reedstrom, Brian West and Stefan Anca), 
+      try to sort out most file path to URI conversions and xmlPathToUri,
+      add --html --memory case to xmllint
+   - building fix: fix --with-minimum (Felipe Contreras), VMS fix, 
+      const'ification of HTML parser structures (Matthias Clasen),
+      portability fix (Emelyanov Alexey), wget autodetection (Peter
+      Breitenlohner),  remove the build path recorded in the python
+      shared module, separate library flags for shared and static builds
+      (Mikhail Zabaluev), fix --with-minimum --with-sax1 builds, fix
+      --with-minimum --with-schemas builds
+   - bug fix: xmlGetNodePath fix (Kasimier), xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode and
+      attribute (Kasimier), crash when using the recover mode, 
+      xmlXPathEvalExpr problem (Kasimier), xmlXPathCompExprAdd bug (Kasimier),
+      missing destry in xmlFreeRMutex (Andrew Nosenko), XML Schemas fixes
+      (Kasimier), warning on entities processing, XHTML script and style
+      serialization (Kasimier), python generator for long types, bug in
+      xmlSchemaClearValidCtxt (Bertrand Fritsch), xmlSchemaXPathEvaluate
+      allocation bug (Marton Illes), error message end of line (Rob Richards),
+      fix attribute serialization in writer (Rob Richards), PHP4 DTD validation
+      crasher, parser safety patch (Ben Darnell), _private context propagation
+      when parsing entities (with Michael Day), fix entities behaviour when 
+      using SAX, URI to file path fix (Mikhail Zabaluev), disapearing validity
+      context, arg error in SAX callback (Mike Hommey), fix mixed-content
+      autodetect when using --noblanks, fix xmlIOParseDTD error handling,
+      fix bug in xmlSplitQName on special Names, fix Relax-NG element content
+      validation bug, fix xmlReconciliateNs bug, fix potential attribute 
+      XML parsing bug, fix line/column accounting in XML parser, chunking bug
+      in the HTML parser on script, try to detect obviously buggy HTML
+      meta encoding indications, bugs with encoding BOM and xmlSaveDoc, 
+      HTML entities in attributes parsing, HTML minimized attribute values,
+      htmlReadDoc and htmlReadIO were broken, error handling bug in
+      xmlXPathEvalExpression (Olaf Walkowiak), fix a problem in
+      htmlCtxtUseOptions, xmlNewInputFromFile could leak (Marius Konitzer),
+      bug on misformed SSD regexps (Christopher Boumenot)
+   - documentation: warning about XML_PARSE_COMPACT (Kasimier Buchcik),
+      fix xmlXPathCastToString documentation, improve man pages for
+      xmllitn and xmlcatalog (Daniel Leidert), fixed comments of a few
+      functions
+2.6.26: Jun 6 2006:
+   - portability fixes: Python detection (Joseph Sacco), compilation
+    error(William Brack and Graham Bennett), LynxOS patch (Olli Savia)
+   - bug fixes: encoding buffer problem, mix of code and data in
+    xmlIO.c(Kjartan Maraas), entities in XSD validation (Kasimier Buchcik),
+    variousXSD validation fixes (Kasimier), memory leak in pattern (Rob
+    Richards andKasimier), attribute with colon in name (Rob Richards), XPath
+    leak inerror reporting (Aleksey Sanin), XInclude text include of
+    selfdocument.
+   - improvements: Xpath optimizations (Kasimier), XPath object
+    cache(Kasimier)
+2.6.25: Jun 6 2006::
+Do not use or package 2.6.25
+2.6.24: Apr 28 2006:
+   - Portability fixes: configure on Windows, testapi compile on windows
+      (Kasimier Buchcik, venkat naidu), Borland C++ 6 compile (Eric Zurcher),
+      HP-UX compiler workaround (Rick Jones), xml2-config bugfix, gcc-4.1
+      cleanups, Python detection scheme (Joseph Sacco), UTF-8 file paths on
+      Windows (Roland Schwingel).
+   - Improvements: xmlDOMWrapReconcileNamespaces xmlDOMWrapCloneNode (Kasimier
+      Buchcik), XML catalog debugging (Rick Jones), update to Unicode 4.01.
+   - Bug fixes: xmlParseChunk() problem in 2.6.23, xmlParseInNodeContext()
+      on HTML docs, URI behaviour on Windows (Rob Richards), comment streaming
+      bug, xmlParseComment (with William Brack), regexp bug fixes (DV &
+      Youri Golovanov), xmlGetNodePath on text/CDATA (Kasimier),
+      one Relax-NG interleave bug, xmllint --path and --valid,
+      XSD bugfixes (Kasimier), remove debug
+      left in Python bindings (Nic Ferrier), xmlCatalogAdd bug (Martin Cole),
+      xmlSetProp fixes (Rob Richards), HTML IDness (Rob Richards), a large
+      number of cleanups and small fixes based on Coverity reports, bug
+      in character ranges, Unicode tables const (Aivars Kalvans), schemas
+      fix (Stefan Kost), xmlRelaxNGParse error deallocation, 
+      xmlSchemaAddSchemaDoc error deallocation, error handling on unallowed
+      code point, ixmllint --nonet to never reach the net (Gary Coady),
+      line break in writer after end PI (Jason Viers). 
+   - Documentation: man pages updates and cleanups (Daniel Leidert).
+   - New features: Relax NG structure error handlers.
+2.6.23: Jan 5 2006:
+   - portability fixes: Windows (Rob Richards), getaddrinfo on Windows
+    (Kolja Nowak, Rob Richards), icc warnings (Kjartan Maraas),
+    --with-minimum compilation fixes (William Brack), error case handling fix
+    on Solaris (Albert Chin), don't use 'list' as parameter name reported by
+    Samuel Diaz Garcia, more old Unices portability fixes (Albert Chin),
+    MinGW compilation (Mark Junker), HP-UX compiler warnings (Rick
+  Jones),
+   - code cleanup: xmlReportError (Adrian Mouat), remove xmlBufferClose
+    (Geert Jansen), unreachable code (Oleksandr Kononenko), refactoring
+    parsing code (Bjorn Reese)
+   - bug fixes: xmlBuildRelativeURI and empty path (William Brack),
+    combinatory explosion and performances in regexp code, leak in
+    xmlTextReaderReadString(), xmlStringLenDecodeEntities problem (Massimo
+    Morara), Identity Constraints bugs and a segfault (Kasimier Buchcik),
+    XPath pattern based evaluation bugs (DV & Kasimier),
+    xmlSchemaContentModelDump() memory leak (Kasimier), potential leak in
+    xmlSchemaCheckCSelectorXPath(), xmlTextWriterVSprintf() misuse of
+    vsnprintf (William Brack), XHTML serialization fix (Rob Richards), CRLF
+    split problem (William), issues with non-namespaced attributes in
+    xmlAddChild() xmlAddNextSibling() and xmlAddPrevSibling() (Rob Richards),
+    HTML parsing of script, Python must not output to stdout (Nic Ferrier),
+    exclusive C14N namespace visibility (Aleksey Sanin), XSD dataype
+    totalDigits bug (Kasimier Buchcik), error handling when writing to an
+    xmlBuffer (Rob Richards), runtest schemas error not reported (Hisashi
+    Fujinaka), signed/unsigned problem in date/time code (Albert Chin), fix
+    XSI driven XSD validation (Kasimier), parsing of xs:decimal (Kasimier),
+    fix DTD writer output (Rob Richards), leak in xmlTextReaderReadInnerXml
+    (Gary Coady), regexp bug affecting schemas (Kasimier), configuration of
+    runtime debugging (Kasimier), xmlNodeBufGetContent bug on entity refs
+    (Oleksandr Kononenko), xmlRegExecPushString2 bug (Sreeni Nair),
+    compilation and build fixes (Michael Day), removed dependancies on
+    xmlSchemaValidError (Kasimier), bug with <xml:foo/>, more XPath
+    pattern based evaluation fixes (Kasimier)
+   - improvements: XSD Schemas redefinitions/restrictions (Kasimier
+    Buchcik), node copy checks and fix for attribute (Rob Richards), counted
+    transition bug in regexps, ctxt->standalone = -2 to indicate no
+    standalone attribute was found, add xmlSchemaSetParserStructuredErrors()
+    (Kasimier Buchcik), add xmlTextReaderSchemaValidateCtxt() to API
+    (Kasimier), handle gzipped HTTP resources (Gary Coady), add
+    htmlDocDumpMemoryFormat. (Rob Richards),
+   - documentation: typo (Michael Day), libxml man page (Albert Chin), save
+    function to XML buffer (Geert Jansen), small doc fix (Aron Stansvik),
+2.6.22: Sep 12 2005:
+   - build fixes: compile without schematron (Stéphane Bidoul)
+   - bug fixes: xmlDebugDumpNode on namespace node (Oleg Paraschenko)i,
+    CDATA push parser bug, xmlElemDump problem with XHTML1 doc,
+    XML_FEATURE_xxx clash with expat headers renamed XML_WITH_xxx, fix some
+    output formatting for meta element (Rob Richards), script and style
+    XHTML1 serialization (David Madore), Attribute derivation fixups in XSD
+    (Kasimier Buchcik), better IDC error reports (Kasimier Buchcik)
+   - improvements: add XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY xmlSaveOption (Rob Richards), add
+    XML_SAVE_NO_XHTML xmlSaveOption, XML Schemas improvements preparing for
+    derive (Kasimier Buchcik).
+   - documentation: generation of gtk-doc like docs, integration with
+    devhelp.
+2.6.21: Sep 4 2005:
+   - build fixes: Cygwin portability fixes (Gerrit P. Haase), calling
+    convention problems on Windows (Marcus Boerger), cleanups based on Linus'
+    sparse tool, update of win32/configure.js (Rob Richards), remove warnings
+    on Windows(Marcus Boerger), compilation without SAX1, detection of the
+    Python binary, use $GCC inestad of $CC = 'gcc' (Andrew W. Nosenko),
+    compilation/link with threads and old gcc, compile problem by C370 on
+    Z/OS,
+   - bug fixes: http_proxy environments (Peter Breitenlohner), HTML UTF-8
+    bug (Jiri Netolicky), XPath NaN compare bug (William Brack),
+    htmlParseScript potential bug, Schemas regexp handling of spaces, Base64
+    Schemas comparisons NIST passes, automata build error xsd:all,
+    xmlGetNodePath for namespaced attributes (Alexander Pohoyda), xmlSchemas
+    foreign namespaces handling, XML Schemas facet comparison (Kupriyanov
+    Anatolij), xmlSchemaPSimpleTypeErr error report (Kasimier Buchcik), xml:
+    namespace ahndling in Schemas (Kasimier), empty model group in Schemas
+    (Kasimier), wilcard in Schemas (Kasimier), URI composition (William),
+    xs:anyType in Schemas (Kasimier), Python resolver emmitting error
+    messages directly, Python xmlAttr.parent (Jakub Piotr Clapa), trying to
+    fix the file path/URI conversion, xmlTextReaderGetAttribute fix (Rob
+    Richards), xmlSchemaFreeAnnot memleak (Kasimier), HTML UTF-8
+    serialization, streaming XPath, Schemas determinism detection problem,
+    XInclude bug, Schemas context type (Dean Hill), validation fix (Derek
+    Poon), xmlTextReaderGetAttribute[Ns] namespaces (Rob Richards), Schemas
+    type fix (Kuba Nowakowski), UTF-8 parser bug, error in encoding handling,
+    xmlGetLineNo fixes, bug on entities handling, entity name extraction in
+    error handling with XInclude, text nodes in HTML body tags (Gary Coady),
+    xml:id and IDness at the treee level fixes, XPath streaming patterns
+  bugs.
+   - improvements: structured interfaces for schemas and RNG error reports
+    (Marcus Boerger), optimization of the char data inner loop parsing
+    (thanks to Behdad Esfahbod for the idea), schematron validation though
+    not finished yet, xmlSaveOption to omit XML declaration, keyref match
+    error reports (Kasimier), formal expression handling code not plugged
+    yet, more lax mode for the HTML parser, parser XML_PARSE_COMPACT option
+    for text nodes allocation.
+   - documentation: xmllint man page had --nonet duplicated
+2.6.20: Jul 10 2005:
+   - build fixes: Windows build (Rob Richards), Mingw compilation (Igor
+    Zlatkovic), Windows Makefile (Igor), gcc warnings (Kasimier and
+, use gcc weak references to pthread to avoid the
+    pthread dependancy on Linux, compilation problem (Steve Nairn), compiling
+    of subset (Morten Welinder), IPv6/ss_family compilation (William Brack),
+    compilation when disabling parts of the library, standalone test
+    distribution.
+   - bug fixes: bug in lang(), memory cleanup on errors (William Brack),
+    HTTP query strings (Aron Stansvik), memory leak in DTD (William), integer
+    overflow in XPath (William), nanoftp buffer size, pattern "." apth fixup
+    (Kasimier), leak in tree reported by Malcolm Rowe, replaceNode patch
+    (Brent Hendricks), CDATA with NULL content (Mark Vakoc), xml:base fixup
+    on XInclude (William), pattern fixes (William), attribute bug in
+    exclusive c14n (Aleksey Sanin), xml:space and xml:lang with SAX2 (Rob
+    Richards), namespace trouble in complex parsing (Malcolm Rowe), XSD type
+    QNames fixes (Kasimier), XPath streaming fixups (William), RelaxNG bug
+    (Rob Richards), Schemas for Schemas fixes (Kasimier), removal of ID (Rob
+    Richards), a small RelaxNG leak, HTML parsing in push mode bug (James
+    Bursa), failure to detect UTF-8 parsing bugs in CDATA sections,
+    areBlanks() heuristic failure, duplicate attributes in DTD bug
+  (William).
+   - improvements: lot of work on Schemas by Kasimier Buchcik both on
+    conformance and streaming, Schemas validation messages (Kasimier Buchcik,
+    Matthew Burgess), namespace removal at the python level (Brent
+    Hendricks), Update to new Schemas regression tests from W3C/Nist
+    (Kasimier), xmlSchemaValidateFile() (Kasimier), implementation of
+    xmlTextReaderReadInnerXml and xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml (James Wert),
+    standalone test framework and programs, new DOM import APIs
+    xmlDOMWrapReconcileNamespaces() xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode() and
+    xmlDOMWrapRemoveNode(), extension of xmllint capabilities for SAX and
+    Schemas regression tests, xmlStopParser() available in pull mode too,
+    ienhancement to xmllint --shell namespaces support, Windows port of the
+    standalone testing tools (Kasimier and William),
+    xmlSchemaValidateStream() xmlSchemaSAXPlug() and xmlSchemaSAXUnplug() SAX
+    Schemas APIs, Schemas xmlReader support.
+2.6.19: Apr 02 2005:
+   - build fixes: drop .la from RPMs, --with-minimum build fix (William
+    Brack), use XML_SOCKLEN_T instead of SOCKLEN_T because it breaks with AIX
+    5.3 compiler, fixed elfgcchack.h generation and PLT reduction code on
+    Linux/ELF/gcc4
+   - bug fixes: schemas type decimal fixups (William Brack), xmmlint return
+    code (Gerry Murphy), small schemas fixes (Matthew Burgess and GUY
+    Fabrice), workaround "DAV:" namespace brokeness in c14n (Aleksey Sanin),
+    segfault in Schemas (Kasimier Buchcik), Schemas attribute validation
+    (Kasimier), Prop related functions and xmlNewNodeEatName (Rob Richards),
+    HTML serialization of name attribute on a elements, Python error handlers
+    leaks and improvement (Brent Hendricks), uninitialized variable in
+    encoding code, Relax-NG validation bug, potential crash if
+    gnorableWhitespace is NULL, xmlSAXParseDoc and xmlParseDoc signatures,
+    switched back to assuming UTF-8 in case no encoding is given at
+    serialization time
+   - improvements: lot of work on Schemas by Kasimier Buchcik on facets
+    checking and also mixed handling.
+   - 
+2.6.18: Mar 13 2005:
+   - build fixes: warnings (Peter Breitenlohner), testapi.c generation,
+    Bakefile support (Francesco Montorsi), Windows compilation (Joel Reed),
+    some gcc4 fixes, HP-UX portability fixes (Rick Jones).
+   - bug fixes: xmlSchemaElementDump namespace (Kasimier Buchcik), push and
+    xmlreader stopping on non-fatal errors, thread support for dictionnaries
+    reference counting (Gary Coady), internal subset and push problem, URL
+    saved in xmlCopyDoc, various schemas bug fixes (Kasimier), Python paths
+    fixup (Stephane Bidoul), xmlGetNodePath and namespaces, xmlSetNsProp fix
+    (Mike Hommey), warning should not count as error (William Brack),
+    xmlCreatePushParser empty chunk, XInclude parser flags (William), cleanup
+    FTP and HTTP code to reuse the uri parsing and IPv6 (William),
+    xmlTextWriterStartAttributeNS fix (Rob Richards), XMLLINT_INDENT being
+    empty (William), xmlWriter bugs (Rob Richards), multithreading on Windows
+    (Rich Salz), xmlSearchNsByHref fix (Kasimier), Python binding leak (Brent
+    Hendricks), aliasing bug exposed by gcc4 on s390, xmlTextReaderNext bug
+    (Rob Richards), Schemas decimal type fixes (William Brack),
+    xmlByteConsumed static buffer (Ben Maurer).
+   - improvement: speedup parsing comments and DTDs, dictionnary support for
+    hash tables, Schemas Identity constraints (Kasimier), streaming XPath
+    subset, xmlTextReaderReadString added (Bjorn Reese), Schemas canonical
+    values handling (Kasimier), add xmlTextReaderByteConsumed (Aron
+  Stansvik),
+   - Documentation: Wiki support (Joel Reed)
+2.6.17: Jan 16 2005:
+   - build fixes: Windows, warnings removal (William Brack),
+    maintainer-clean dependency(William), build in a different directory
+    (William), fixing --with-minimum configure build (William), BeOS build
+    (Marcin Konicki), Python-2.4 detection (William), compilation on AIX (Dan
+    McNichol)
+   - bug fixes: xmlTextReaderHasAttributes (Rob Richards), xmlCtxtReadFile()
+    to use the catalog(s), loop on output (William Brack), XPath memory leak,
+    ID deallocation problem (Steve Shepard), debugDumpNode crash (William),
+    warning not using error callback (William), xmlStopParser bug (William),
+    UTF-16 with BOM on DTDs (William), namespace bug on empty elements in
+    push mode (Rob Richards), line and col computations fixups (Aleksey
+    Sanin), xmlURIEscape fix (William), xmlXPathErr on bad range (William),
+    patterns with too many steps, bug in RNG choice optimization, line number
+    sometimes missing.
+   - improvements: XSD Schemas (Kasimier Buchcik), python generator
+    (William), xmlUTF8Strpos speedup (William), unicode Python strings
+    (William), XSD error reports (Kasimier Buchcik), Python __str__ call
+    serialize().
+   - new APIs: added xmlDictExists(), GetLineNumber and GetColumnNumber for
+    the xmlReader (Aleksey Sanin), Dynamic Shared Libraries APIs (mostly Joel
+    Reed), error extraction API from regexps, new XMLSave option for format
+    (Phil Shafer)
+   - documentation: site improvement (John Fleck), FAQ entries
+  (William).
+2.6.16: Nov 10 2004:
+   - general hardening and bug fixing crossing all the API based on new
+    automated regression testing
+   - build fix: IPv6 build and test on AIX (Dodji Seketeli)
+   - bug fixes: problem with XML::Libxml reported by Petr Pajas,  encoding
+    conversion functions return values, UTF-8 bug affecting XPath reported by
+    Markus Bertheau, catalog problem with NULL entries (William Brack)
+   - documentation: fix to xmllint man page, some API function descritpion
+    were updated.
+   - improvements: DTD validation APIs provided at the Python level (Brent
+    Hendricks)
+2.6.15: Oct 27 2004:
+   - security fixes on the nanoftp and nanohttp modules
+   - build fixes: xmllint detection bug in configure, building outside the
+    source tree (Thomas Fitzsimmons)
+   - bug fixes: HTML parser on broken ASCII chars in names (William), Python
+    paths (Malcolm Tredinnick), xmlHasNsProp and default namespace (William),
+    saving to python file objects (Malcolm Tredinnick), DTD lookup fix
+    (Malcolm), save back <group> in catalogs (William), tree build
+    fixes (DV and Rob Richards), Schemas memory bug, structured error handler
+    on Python 64bits, thread local memory deallocation, memory leak reported
+    by Volker Roth, xmlValidateDtd in the presence of an internal subset,
+    entities and _private problem (William), xmlBuildRelativeURI error
+    (William).
+   - improvements: better XInclude error reports (William), tree debugging
+    module and tests, convenience functions at the Reader API (Graham
+    Bennett), add support for PI in the HTML parser.
+2.6.14: Sep 29 2004:
+   - build fixes: configure paths for xmllint and xsltproc, compilation
+    without HTML parser, compilation warning cleanups (William Brack &
+    Malcolm Tredinnick), VMS makefile update (Craig Berry),
+   - bug fixes: xmlGetUTF8Char (William Brack), QName properties (Kasimier
+    Buchcik), XInclude testing, Notation serialization, UTF8ToISO8859x
+    transcoding (Mark Itzcovitz), lots of XML Schemas cleanup and fixes
+    (Kasimier), ChangeLog cleanup (Stepan Kasal), memory fixes (Mark Vakoc),
+    handling of failed realloc(), out of bound array adressing in Schemas
+    date handling, Python space/tabs cleanups (Malcolm Tredinnick), NMTOKENS
+    E20 validation fix (Malcolm),
+   - improvements: added W3C XML Schemas testsuite (Kasimier Buchcik), add
+    xmlSchemaValidateOneElement (Kasimier), Python exception hierearchy
+    (Malcolm Tredinnick), Python libxml2 driver improvement (Malcolm
+    Tredinnick), Schemas support for xsi:schemaLocation,
+    xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation, xsi:type (Kasimier Buchcik)
+2.6.13: Aug 31 2004:
+   - build fixes: Windows and zlib (Igor Zlatkovic), -O flag with gcc,
+    Solaris compiler warning, fixing RPM BuildRequires,
+   - fixes: DTD loading on Windows (Igor), Schemas error reports APIs
+    (Kasimier Buchcik), Schemas validation crash, xmlCheckUTF8 (William Brack
+    and Julius Mittenzwei), Schemas facet check (Kasimier), default namespace
+    problem (William), Schemas hexbinary empty values, encoding error could
+    genrate a serialization loop.
+   - Improvements: Schemas validity improvements (Kasimier), added --path
+    and --load-trace options to xmllint
+   - documentation: tutorial update (John Fleck)
+2.6.12: Aug 22 2004:
+   - build fixes: fix --with-minimum, elfgcchack.h fixes (Peter
+    Breitenlohner), perl path lookup (William), diff on Solaris (Albert
+    Chin), some 64bits cleanups.
+   - Python: avoid a warning with 2.3 (William Brack), tab and space mixes
+    (William), wrapper generator fixes (William), Cygwin support (Gerrit P.
+    Haase), node wrapper fix (Marc-Antoine Parent), XML Schemas support
+    (Torkel Lyng)
+   - Schemas: a lot of bug fixes and improvements from Kasimier Buchcik
+   - fixes: RVT fixes (William), XPath context resets bug (William), memory
+    debug (Steve Hay), catalog white space handling (Peter Breitenlohner),
+    xmlReader state after attribute reading (William), structured error
+    handler (William), XInclude generated xml:base fixup (William), Windows
+    memory reallocation problem (Steve Hay), Out of Memory conditions
+    handling (William and Olivier Andrieu), htmlNewDoc() charset bug,
+    htmlReadMemory init (William), a posteriori validation DTD base
+    (William), notations serialization missing, xmlGetNodePath (Dodji),
+    xmlCheckUTF8 (Diego Tartara), missing line numbers on entity
+  (William)
+   - improvements: DocBook catalog build scrip (William), xmlcatalog tool
+    (Albert Chin), xmllint --c14n option, no_proxy environment (Mike Hommey),
+    xmlParseInNodeContext() addition, extend xmllint --shell, allow XInclude
+    to not generate start/end nodes, extend xmllint --version to include CVS
+    tag (William)
+   - documentation: web pages fixes, validity API docs fixes (William)
+    schemas API fix (Eric Haszlakiewicz), xmllint man page (John Fleck)
+2.6.11: July 5 2004:
+   - Schemas: a lot of changes and improvements by Kasimier Buchcik for
+    attributes, namespaces and simple types.
+   - build fixes: --with-minimum (William Brack),  some gcc cleanup
+    (William), --with-thread-alloc (William)
+   - portability: Windows binary package change (Igor Zlatkovic), Catalog
+    path on Windows
+   - documentation: update to the tutorial (John Fleck), xmllint return code
+    (John Fleck), man pages (Ville Skytta),
+   - bug fixes: C14N bug serializing namespaces (Aleksey Sanin), testSAX
+    properly initialize the library (William), empty node set in XPath
+    (William), xmlSchemas errors (William), invalid charref problem pointed
+    by Morus Walter, XInclude xml:base generation (William), Relax-NG bug
+    with div processing (William), XPointer and xml:base problem(William),
+    Reader and entities, xmllint return code for schemas (William), reader
+    streaming problem (Steve Ball), DTD serialization problem (William),
+    libxml.m4 fixes (Mike Hommey), do not provide destructors as methods on
+    Python classes, xmlReader buffer bug, Python bindings memory interfaces
+    improvement (with Stéphane Bidoul), Fixed the push parser to be back to
+    synchronous behaviour.
+   - improvement: custom per-thread I/O enhancement (Rob Richards), register
+    namespace in debug shell (Stefano Debenedetti), Python based regression
+    test for non-Unix users (William), dynamically increase the number of
+    XPath extension functions in Python and fix a memory leak (Marc-Antoine
+    Parent and William)
+   - performance: hack done with Arjan van de Ven to reduce ELF footprint
+    and generated code on Linux, plus use gcc runtime profiling to optimize
+    the code generated in the RPM packages.
+2.6.10: May 17 2004:
+   - Web page generated for ChangeLog
+   - build fixes: --without-html problems, make check without make all
+   - portability: problem with xpath.c on Windows (MSC and Borland), memcmp
+    vs. strncmp on Solaris, XPath tests on Windows (Mark Vakoc), C++ do not
+    use "list" as parameter name, make tests work with Python 1.5 (Ed
+  Davis),
+   - improvements: made xmlTextReaderMode public, small buffers resizing
+    (Morten Welinder), add --maxmem option to xmllint, add
+    xmlPopInputCallback() for Matt Sergeant, refactoring of serialization
+    escaping, added escaping customization
+   - bugfixes: xsd:extension (Taihei Goi), assorted regexp bugs (William
+    Brack), xmlReader end of stream problem, node deregistration with reader,
+    URI escaping and filemanes,  XHTML1 formatting (Nick Wellnhofer), regexp
+    transition reduction (William), various XSD Schemas fixes (Kasimier
+    Buchcik), XInclude fallback problem (William), weird problems with DTD
+    (William), structured error handler callback context (William), reverse
+    xmlEncodeSpecialChars() behaviour back to escaping '"'
+2.6.9: Apr 18 2004:
+   - implement xml:id Working Draft, relaxed XPath id() checking
+   - bugfixes: xmlCtxtReset (Brent Hendricks), line number and CDATA (Dave
+    Beckett), Relax-NG compilation (William Brack), Regexp patches (with
+    William), xmlUriEscape (Mark Vakoc), a Relax-NG notAllowed problem (with
+    William), Relax-NG name classes compares (William), XInclude duplicate
+    fallback (William), external DTD encoding detection (William), a DTD
+    validation bug (William), xmlReader Close() fix, recusive extention
+    schemas
+   - improvements: use xmlRead* APIs in test tools (Mark Vakoc), indenting
+    save optimization, better handle IIS broken HTTP redirect  behaviour (Ian
+    Hummel), HTML parser frameset (James Bursa), libxml2-python RPM
+    dependancy, XML Schemas union support (Kasimier Buchcik), warning removal
+    clanup (William), keep ChangeLog compressed when installing from RPMs
+   - documentation: examples and xmlDocDumpMemory docs (John Fleck), new
+    example (load, xpath, modify, save), xmlCatalogDump() comments,
+   - Windows: Borland C++ builder (Eric Zurcher), work around Microsoft
+    compiler NaN handling bug (Mark Vakoc)
+2.6.8: Mar 23 2004:
+   - First step of the cleanup of the serialization code and APIs
+   - XML Schemas: mixed content (Adam Dickmeiss), QName handling fixes (Adam
+    Dickmeiss), anyURI for "" (John Belmonte)
+   - Python: Canonicalization C14N support added (Anthony Carrico)
+   - xmlDocCopyNode() extension (William)
+   - Relax-NG: fix when processing XInclude results (William), external
+    reference in interleave (William), missing error on <choice>
+    failure (William), memory leak in schemas datatype facets.
+   - xmlWriter: patch for better DTD support (Alfred Mickautsch)
+   - bug fixes: xmlXPathLangFunction memory leak (Mike Hommey and William
+    Brack), no ID errors if using HTML_PARSE_NOERROR, xmlcatalog fallbacks to
+    URI on SYSTEM lookup failure, XInclude parse flags inheritance (William),
+    XInclude and XPointer fixes for entities (William), XML parser bug
+    reported by Holger Rauch, nanohttp fd leak (William),  regexps char
+    groups '-' handling (William), dictionnary reference counting problems,
+    do not close stderr.
+   - performance patches from Petr Pajas
+   - Documentation fixes: XML_CATALOG_FILES in man pages (Mike Hommey)
+   - compilation and portability fixes: --without-valid, catalog cleanups
+    (Peter Breitenlohner), MingW patch (Roland Schwingel), cross-compilation
+    to Windows (Christophe de Vienne),  --with-html-dir fixup (Julio Merino
+    Vidal), Windows build (Eric Zurcher)
+2.6.7: Feb 23 2004:
+   - documentation: tutorial updates (John Fleck), benchmark results
+   - xmlWriter: updates and fixes (Alfred Mickautsch, Lucas Brasilino)
+   - XPath optimization (Petr Pajas)
+   - DTD ID handling optimization
+   - bugfixes: xpath number with  > 19 fractional (William Brack), push
+    mode with unescaped '>' characters, fix xmllint --stream --timing, fix
+    xmllint --memory --stream memory usage, xmlAttrSerializeTxtContent
+    handling NULL, trying to fix Relax-NG/Perl interface.
+   - python: 2.3 compatibility, whitespace fixes (Malcolm Tredinnick)
+   - Added relaxng option to xmllint --shell
+2.6.6: Feb 12 2004:
+   - nanohttp and nanoftp: buffer overflow error on URI parsing (Igor and
+    William) reported by Yuuichi Teranishi
+   - bugfixes: make test and path issues, xmlWriter attribute serialization
+    (William Brack), xmlWriter indentation (William), schemas validation
+    (Eric Haszlakiewicz), XInclude dictionnaries issues (William and Oleg
+    Paraschenko), XInclude empty fallback (William), HTML warnings (William),
+    XPointer in XInclude (William), Python namespace serialization,
+    isolat1ToUTF8 bound error (Alfred Mickautsch), output of parameter
+    entities in internal subset (William), internal subset bug in push mode,
+    <xs:all> fix (Alexey Sarytchev)
+   - Build: fix for automake-1.8 (Alexander Winston), warnings removal
+    (Philip Ludlam), SOCKLEN_T detection fixes (Daniel Richard), fix
+    --with-minimum configuration.
+   - XInclude: allow the 2001 namespace without warning.
+   - Documentation: missing example/index.html (John Fleck), version
+    dependancies (John Fleck)
+   - reader API: structured error reporting (Steve Ball)
+   - Windows compilation: mingw, msys (Mikhail Grushinskiy), function
+    prototype (Cameron Johnson), MSVC6 compiler warnings, _WINSOCKAPI_
+  patch
+   - Parsers: added xmlByteConsumed(ctxt) API to get the byte offest in
+    input.
+2.6.5: Jan 25 2004:
+   - Bugfixes: dictionnaries for schemas (William Brack), regexp segfault
+    (William), xs:all problem (William), a number of XPointer bugfixes
+    (William), xmllint error go to stderr, DTD validation problem with
+    namespace, memory leak (William), SAX1 cleanup and minimal options fixes
+    (Mark Vadoc), parser context reset on error (Shaun McCance), XPath union
+    evaluation problem (William) , xmlReallocLoc with NULL (Aleksey Sanin),
+    XML Schemas double free (Steve Ball), XInclude with no href, argument
+    callbacks order for XPath callbacks (Frederic Peters)
+   - Documentation: python scripts (William Brack), xslt stylesheets (John
+    Fleck), doc (Sven Zimmerman), I/O example.
+   - Python bindings: fixes (William), enum support (Stéphane Bidoul),
+    structured error reporting (Stéphane Bidoul)
+   - XInclude: various fixes for conformance, problem related to dictionnary
+    references (William & me), recursion (William)
+   - xmlWriter: indentation (Lucas Brasilino), memory leaks (Alfred
+    Mickautsch),
+   - xmlSchemas: normalizedString datatype (John Belmonte)
+   - code cleanup for strings functions (William)
+   - Windows: compiler patches (Mark Vakoc)
+   - Parser optimizations, a few new XPath and dictionnary APIs for future
+    XSLT optimizations.
+2.6.4: Dec 24 2003:
+   - Windows build fixes (Igor Zlatkovic)
+   - Some serious XInclude problems reported by Oleg Paraschenko and
+   - Unix and Makefile packaging fixes (me, William Brack,
+   - Documentation improvements (John Fleck, William Brack), example fix
+    (Lucas Brasilino)
+   - bugfixes: xmlTextReaderExpand() with xmlReaderWalker, XPath handling of
+    NULL strings (William Brack) , API building reader or parser from
+    filedescriptor should not clos


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