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Subject svn commit: r1652501 - /incubator/corinthia/www/contribute_community.html
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 19:34:56 GMT
Author: dortef
Date: Fri Jan 16 19:34:55 2015
New Revision: 1652501

first version of community text


Modified: incubator/corinthia/www/contribute_community.html
--- incubator/corinthia/www/contribute_community.html (original)
+++ incubator/corinthia/www/contribute_community.html Fri Jan 16 19:34:55 2015
@@ -13,10 +13,36 @@
 	  <!--content section -->
 	  <div class="row">
 	  <div class="large-12 columns">
-  	  <div class="float left"><img src="img/owl.jpg" width="250" height="250" alt=""
title="" /></div>	  	  
-	  	   	<h3>Community</h3>
-			    <b>TO BE MODIFIED</b>
-	  			<p>history</p>
+  	  <div class="hide-for-small float left"><img src="img/owl.jpg" width="250" height="250"
alt="" title="" /></div>	  	  
+	  	   	<h3>Community as per Apache Software Foundation</h3>
+	  			<p>The Apache Software Foundation exists to provide legal and technological infrastructure
for open source projects.
+				    By and large, the Foundation leaves it to the project communities to define their
development process.
+				    There are some constraints resulting from the fundamental legal umbrella held by
the Foundation.
+				    For the Foundation to protect contributors, projects must respect the rules regarding
IP management and releases.
+				    A more interesting set of constraints, however, stems from the Foundation’s commitment
to Open Source software development
+				    as a communal process.
+				    Apache projects are communities, and some of the few pan-Foundation norms exist to
ensure transparent, fair, collegial,
+				    decision-making processes.</p>
+				 <p>The two pillars of the Apache community model are mailing lists and consensus
+				    The mailing list policy is simple enough. Community decisions must be reached on
the mailing list.
+				    This allows anyone in the community, whatever their location or time zone, to participate.<br><br>
+                                    The goal of consensus is make decisions that are acceptable
to everyone in the group. ‘Acceptable,’ not ‘ideal.’
+				    For a consensus to work, all the participants must willingly balance personal views
with the good of the group.
+				    Anyone can block consensus -- but blocking consensus is not a choice that anyone
takes lightly.</p>
+                                 <p>When an Apache Project Management Committee needs
to make an important, binding, hard-to-reverse decision,
+				    such as declaring a release, it holds a vote. Members vote -1, 0, or 1.<br>
+				    Any member of the committee can block consensus by voting ‘-1’.</p>
+				 <p>In Apache we favor community over code, meaning it is more important to have
a vivid community than to have the newest
+				    hottest code (unless the community want to have that)</p>
+	  	   	<h3>The Corinthia Community</h3>
+			         <p>Unlike many Apache projects, we are not a community of people who have
worked together for a long period of time.
+				    The current community come from different part of the world, different open source
projects, different knowledge. 
+				    We share a common vision of making Corinthia a big success. This is your chance,
you will find a community where your
+				    word is taken just as serious as any other. We try to marked Corinthia at openSource
+				    - ApacheCON EU 2014 (Budapest) is over but Louis and Peter gave 3 excellent presentations<br>
+				    - FOSDEM 2015 (Brussels 31 january - 1 february), Jan will give a presentation saturday
+				    - ApacheCON Us 2015 (Austin, Texas 13 - 17 April), Jan will give a presentation<br>
+				    If you pass by any of these events, please stop by and ask any questions you might
 <!--#include virtual="footer.html" -->

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