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Subject svn commit: r1649673 - /incubator/corinthia/www/policy_coding.html
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 21:43:26 GMT
Author: jani
Date: Mon Jan  5 21:43:26 2015
New Revision: 1649673

finalized first version of coding standards (waiting for holy water from dorte)


Modified: incubator/corinthia/www/policy_coding.html
--- incubator/corinthia/www/policy_coding.html (original)
+++ incubator/corinthia/www/policy_coding.html Mon Jan  5 21:43:26 2015
@@ -53,18 +53,32 @@
 			<p>We aim not to make long and complicated rules for how to write code, because
we believe rules makes programming be a lot more worklike than fun. BUT in order to have code
that are maintainable, robust and easy readable we do need a minimum of rules.</p>
 			<p>The goal of this document is to describe what we have agreed to as the basis
coding standard, for everything else we simply expect you follow what your experience tell
 			<p><b>Rules</b> are listed below. If you have suggestions please let
us discuss it on our maling list dev@, no rule is set in stone !</p>
-			<h3>Use of indent</h3>
-			<p>In order to make the code aligment identical on all editors, we have 2 simple
-			<ul><li>* do NOT use TABulator in the source files (set the editor to convert
it to spaces)</li>
-		            <li>* use 4 spaces for every indent level</li>
-			</ul>
+			<h4>Use of indent</h4>
+			<p>In order to make code aligment identical (aperance) on all editors, we have 2
simple rules:<br>
+			- do NOT use TABulator in the source files (set the editor to convert it to spaces)<br>
+			- use 4 spaces for every indent level<br>
+			Example:</p>
-				if (x == y) {
-				    z = 1;
-				}
-		        </code>
-			<h3>Placement of curly brackets '{'</h3>
-			<p>jan</p>
+			&nbsp;&nbsp;if (x == y)<br>
+			&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;z = 1;<br>
+			</code><br>
+			<h4>Placement of curly brackets '{'</h4>
+			<p>To make the code easier to read we use K&R style for groupings.<br>
+			Example:</p>
+			<code>
+			&nbsp;&nbsp;if (x == y) {<br>
+			&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;z = 1;<br>
+			&nbsp;&nbsp;}<br>
+			</code><br>
+			<h4>Use of platform dependent functions</h4>
+			<p><code>#ifdef WIN32</code> and similar platform specific defines outside
"platform" is strictly forbidden. If you need a function not avialable on all supported platforms,
it must be implemented in "platform" all other code must be written portable</p>
+			<h4>Include statements</h4>
+			<p>Only use <code>#include</code> in .c files, not in .h files</p>
+			<h4>Test functions</h4>
+			<p>Whenever you fix a bug or add new functionality, remember to add one or more
test cases. Adding test cases ensures our code keeps being stable over time</p>
+			<h4>Recommandation</h4>
+			<p>We do not define naming conventions, or how to write the code as such. If you
fix a bug, please try to make your code blend in with the existing code, so the code remains
+			<p>And do not forget the most important thing: <b>have fun while you develop
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