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Subject [jira] [Commented] (CB-10526) Improve 'iOS Guide' documentation
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2016 22:59:18 GMT


ASF GitHub Bot commented on CB-10526:

Github user omefire commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: www/docs/en/dev/guide/platforms/ios/ ---
    @@ -72,192 +60,124 @@ There are two ways to download Xcode:
       which requires registration as an Apple Developer.
     Once Xcode is installed, several command-line tools need to be enabled
    -for Cordova to run. From the __Xcode__ menu, select __Preferences__,
    -then the __Downloads__ tab. From the __Components__ panel, press the
    -__Install__ button next to the __Command Line Tools__ listing.
    +for Cordova to run. From the command line, run: 
    +``` xcode-select --install``` 
    -## Install Deploy Tools
    +### Deployment Tools
    -Run from comman-line terminal:
    +The [ios-sim]( and 
    +[ios-deploy]( tools - allows you
    +to launch iOS apps into the iOS Simulator and iOS Device from the command-line.
    +To install them, run the following from command-line terminal:
             $ npm install -g ios-sim
             $ npm install -g ios-deploy
    -## Create a New Project
    -Use the `cordova` utility to set up a new project, as described in The
    -Cordova [The Command-Line Interface](../../cli/index.html). For example, in a source-code
    +## Project Configuration
    -        $ cordova create hello com.example.hello "HelloWorld"
    -        $ cd hello
    -        $ cordova platform add ios
    -        $ cordova prepare              # or "cordova build"
    +Installing Xcode will mostly set everything needed to get started.
    -## Deploy the app
    -To deploy the app on a connected iOS device:
    -        $ cordova run ios --device
    -To deploy the app on a default iOS emulator:
    -        $ cordova emulate ios
    -You can use __cordova run ios --list__ to see all available targets and 
    -__cordova run ios --target=target_name__ to run application on a specific 
    -device or emulator (for example,  `cordova run ios --target="iPhone-6"`).
    -You can also use __cordova run --help__ to see additional build and run
    -## Open a Project in the SDK
    -Once ios platform is added to your project, you can open it from 
    -within Xcode. Double-click to open the `hello/platforms/ios/hello.xcodeproj`
    -file. The screen should look like this:
    -![]({{ site.baseurl }}/static/img/guide/platforms/ios/helloworld_project.png)
    +## Signing an App
    -## Deploy to Emulator
    +First, you should read through the [Code Signing Support Page](

    +and the [App Distribution Workflows](
    -To preview the app in the iOS emulator:
    +### Using Flags
    -1. Make sure the _.xcodeproj_ file is selected in the left panel.
    +To sign an app, you need the following parameters:
    -2. Select the __hello__ app in the panel immediately to the right.
    +| Parameter                | Flag                     | Description
    +| Code Sign Identity       | `--codeSignIdentity`     | Code signing identity to use
for signing. It can be created with Xcode and added to your keychain.
    +| Provisioning Profile     | `--provisioningProfile`  | GUID of the provisioning profile
to be used for signing. It is copied here on your Mac: ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning\
Profiles/. Opening it in a text editor, you can find the GUID which needs to be specified
    +| Code Sign Resource Rules | `--codesignResourceRules`| (Optional) Used to control which
files in a bundle should be sealed by a code signature. For more details, read [The OS X Code
Signing In Depth article](

    -3. Select the intended device from the toolbar's __Scheme__ menu, such
    -   as the iPhone 6.0 Simulator as highlighted here:
    +### Using build.json
    -   ![]({{ site.baseurl }}/static/img/guide/platforms/ios/select_xcode_scheme.png)
    +Alternatively, you could specify them in a build configuration file (`build.json`)
    +using the `--buildConfig` argument to the same commands. Here's a sample of a
    +build configuration file:
    -4. Press the __Run__ button that appears in the same toolbar to the
    -   left of the __Scheme__. That builds, deploys and runs the
    -   application in the emulator. A separate emulator application opens
    -   to display the app:
    +    {
    +         "ios": {
    +             "debug": {
    +                 "codeSignIdentity": "iPhone Development",
    +                 "provisioningProfile": "926c2bd6-8de9-4c2f-8407-1016d2d12954"
    +             },
    +             "release": {
    +                 "codeSignIdentity": "iPhone Distribution"
    +                 "provisioningProfile": "70f699ad-faf1-4adE-8fea-9d84738fb306"
    +             }
    +         }
    +    }
    +### Using xcrun
    -   ![]({{ site.baseurl }}/static/img/guide/platforms/ios/HelloWorldStandard.png)
    +You can also sign from the command line using the following command:
    -   Only one emulator may run at a time, so if you want to test the app
    -   in a different emulator, you need to quit the emulator application
    -   and run a different target within Xcode.
    +    xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v /home/user/app/build/device/ -o
/home/user/app/build/device/MyApp.ipa --sign "iPhone Development" --embed "7151ab45-6085-4ea1-9bcd-022b5cebe44b"
    -Xcode comes bundled with emulators for the latest versions of iPhone
    -and iPad. Older versions may be available from the __Xcode &rarr;
    -Preferences &rarr; Downloads &rarr; Components__ panel.
    +## Debugging
    -## Deploy to Device
    +For details on the debugging tools that come with Xcode, see this [article](
    +and this [video](
    -For details about various requirements to deploy to a device, refer
    -to the _Launch Your App On Devices_ section of
    -[About App Distribution Workflows](
    -Briefly, you need to do the following before deploying:
    +### Open a Project within Xcode
    -1. Join the Apple iOS Developer Program.
    +Cordova for iOS projects can be opened in Xcode. This can be useful if 
    --- End diff --
    Moved to sections of their own.

> Improve 'iOS Guide' documentation
> ---------------------------------
>                 Key: CB-10526
>                 URL:
>             Project: Apache Cordova
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: Docs, iOS
>            Reporter: Omar Mefire
>            Assignee: Omar Mefire

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