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From Jan Piotrowski <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Cordova-Android 7.0.0
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 20:24:57 GMT

For reference, you are talking about, correct?

What can I / one do to test this locally?


2017-11-28 19:53 GMT+01:00 Joe Bowser <>:
> Hey
> I'm going to merge in StudioProjectCompat into Master today.  Once that's
> done, I'd like to get the next major version of Cordova out so that there's
> not a crazy difference between master and the released versions of
> Cordova.  This release will have the new structure for Android Studio
> projects, which in the future will be easier to maintain, and will allow
> for people to experiment with writing Cordova Android plugins in Koltin. (I
> haven't tried, because I need this to land before I can do that).
> I've wrapped up all the PRs on cordova-android  except for that one, and
> I've put everything up until this point in 6.4.x as well, since 6.4.0 will
> be the last 6.x version before this release comes out.
> As far as Crosswalk, this does once again break Crosswalk, but Crosswalk
> has been discontinued by the original maintainers.  That said, in theory
> once the fix is made in the Crosswalk repo, it should in theory be able to
> work with the new structure.
> Also, this release will be bumping up the supported API Version to Android
> 4.4, or API Level 19.
> This will hopefully be the last major release of Cordova Android, but it
> comes with a LOT of much needed updates and fixes (i.e. Adopting Java 8).
> If this doesn't get released, we're going to forever be bogged down with
> legacy code.  It's been extremely hard to get as much feedback on this one,
> so more feedback is appreciated.
> Thanks
> Joe

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