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From Connor Pearson <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving JIRA issues to Github
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 00:32:39 GMT
I have a few questions about moving issues to GitHub. I haven’t used Github
issues much so these all may be easily solvable.

* Since it looks like not all repositories will be migrated where should
their issues go? What about issues for repositories that don’t yet exist or
cross-cutting issues?
* As a user, I’ll occasionally skim the recently opened bugs in Jira across
the entire project to see if any may affect us. Is there going to be a way
to do this with Github? Subscribing to notifications could be a work-around
but it’s not ideal.
* Are we going to get more high quality bug reports using Github? This may
not be answerable without trying it out, but making issues easier to create
issues could cause an influx of questions and non-cordova related bugs.
This could add on to the difficulties of triaging and migrating bugs across
* If we migrate before triaging where will all the un-triaged issues end
up? Also if we enable Github issues before phase 2 are we going to be using
both Jira and Github Issues for a period of time?


On August 2, 2017 at 7:08:18 PM, Jan Piotrowski (

If people post their issue at the wrong repo (which of course can and
will happen from time to time), there is a way to move them over with
minimal loss of information:

This works for issues where several people replied already in the
exact same way:

As the original poster of the issue and each reply is @-mentioned they
are notified about the "new" issue and can continue participating.
Replying users also can just include the @username in their new
replies again to make sure people get notified.


2017-08-02 21:53 GMT+02:00 Filip Maj <>:
> I think the ease of use of GitHub issues overcomes potential problems
> about cross-referencing issues. Worth noting on this topic that GitHub
> already provides good support for referencing pull requests from
> issues across repos / orgs.
> The benefit of having issues and PRs in one place, to me, is a benefit
> too tasty to pass up.
> Darryl, do you have examples of issues that you think could be
> problematic in a GitHub-based world?
> On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 12:43 PM, Darryl Pogue <> wrote:
>> My concern with GitHub issues is that we have a tonne of repos and
>> can easily span across them, and we'd lose the one central place for
>> tracking and triage. I worry that we'd be inundated with issues on the
>> wrong repos, or without additional information, and triaging would
>> an insurmountable chore leading to a worse backlog than we already have
>> JIRA.
>> On 2 August 2017 at 12:38, Shazron <> wrote:
>>> Phase 1 of our move to Github is complete, see:
>>> We need a migration plan for moving JIRA issues to Github Issues before
>>> enable Github Issues on those repos.
>>> Once we figure those out, we can proceed with Phase 2:
>>> I'll start it off by saying that ideally we:
>>> 1. Triage issues
>>> 2. Automate migration of existing open issues to Github issues
>>> 3. "Close off" the JIRA issues
>>> The impact of this is, the original reporters will not get notified of
>>> further updates to the issue except for a link to the new issue on
>>> as a JIRA comment (since they will not be subscribed to the Github
>>> We could also migrate every open issue first, then triage later in
>>> as well.
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