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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Highlighting top issues w/ JIRA boards and labels
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2017 19:30:17 GMT
Hi everyone,

Over the past little while, I've been trying to wrap my head around
what open issues exist within Cordova, which ones are top priority +
how we can identify the most pressing issues, and how to bubble those
up to the top for PMC members and contributor/committers.

With some of the other Adobians, we've slapped together a few JIRA
boards that we think can help wrangle the 2,054+ unresolved issues in
JIRA [1]. The idea is to use two labels to differentiate between
issues identified as "we need to fix this for the next release" and
"we need to fix this at some point in the future."

One board is called the "Cordova Backlog" [2]. It shows open or in
progress issues for _all_ components / repos within Cordova that are
tagged with the 'backlog' label. I think this board helps to
identify/aggregate triaged issues that committers/PMC members feel are
important enough to address at some point - but not necessarily for
the next release. It also gives a nice high-level overview of Cordova
as a whole since it shows issues across all repos. To make an issue
show up in this board, simply add the 'backlog' label to a JIRA issue.

To complement this, and make working towards the next release for
particular components easier, we've added a set of boards we've called
"Next". These boards are per-component (or roughly, per group of
related components), and show open, in progress and completed issues.
The idea with these boards is to give specific repo maintainers +
contributors a shared todo list as they work towards nailing a
release. We already had a "cordova-next" board in the past which was
mainly used in prep for major version releases of the tooling - this
board has been renamed "tools-next." The specific boards created are:
 - browser-next [3] for the cordova-browser platform
 - docs-next [4] for cordova-docs
 - plugins-next [5] for all cordova plugins
 - android-next [6] for cordova-android
 - tools-next [7] for all cordova tooling (cli, lib, fetch, create, etc.)
 - ios-next [8] for cordova-ios
 - windows-next [9] for cordova-windows

To make an issue show up in one of these, apply the relevant *-next
label to an issue, i.e. android-next, or docs-next, or browser-next.
The "release" link available on these boards could also be used to
help create changelogs.

So, to summarize:
 - hoping this can create visibility and a shared backlog / work list
to help with collaboration between contributors
 - hoping a consistent approach across repos can help increase
transparency and lower confusion as contributors work across repos

Open to any comments or questions! My goal with this is to try to
create a shared workflow for contributors, that is relatively
consistent across components, in order to increase ease of
collaboration - this is not set in stone, but rather a first stab, so
I am open to all ideas to try to make this more accessible for



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