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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Proof of Concept: Android Studio Project Structure
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 16:50:22 GMT
Dropping ANT support now seems like a good idea.

This overall sounds good to me. One question I have is how would this
affect users that have only the command-line tools installed, and not
a full Android studio setup? Does this approach preclude those users
from leveraging Cordova? I'm not sure that's a showstopper to me, but
I would like to clarify that.

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 9:30 AM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
> Hey
> Since we've been running into numerous issues with Google updating their
> tools already, I think it's time that we update the new project structure
> to work with Android Studio more easily so that we can integrate JUnit
> tests for plugins, Library Projects, Gradle dependencies and allow for
> people to work with Android Studio and Android tools more easily on Cordova
> projects.
> Right now, I have a branch where I'm currently working on stuff.  I don't
> have upgrade scripts working, nor do I have plugin installation working
> yet, but this will auto-detect the structure and will pick the right
> builder for the project.  You can check it out here.
> It should be noted that we kinda half-assed the ANT support and that we
> never properly supported Ant, so I think we should officially drop Ant
> support in the next version of Apache Cordova regardless.
> The big elephant in the room is the plugin installer and the fact that
> plugin authors basically abandon their projects after the 1.0 release.
> Cordova probably has the most abandonware that I've ever seen.  We're going
> to have to write a LOT of mapper code just to keep the old plugins working
> since people are using them regardless of their abandonware status, and we
> don't have the resources to re-write every plugin everywhere and support
> them.
> That said, we've used plugins as an excuse to not upgrade for three years
> now, and I think the problems with this position are going to get a lot
> worse the longer we pretend that Android Studio doesn't exist.
> Here's the TL;DR of what I propose:
> 1. Change project structure so new Cordova-Android platform directories
> have an Android Studio directory structure.
> 2. Allow for existing projects to stay the same for the time being and for
> a project upgrade to be hidden behind a flag
> 3. Move plugins to work like library projects and possibly AARs down the
> road.
> I know that I've written this e-mail before, but it would be great if we
> could finally move forward with this change before Google breaks more stuff
> with our current builds.
> Thoughts?
> Joe

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