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From Darryl Pogue <>
Subject [DISCUSS] App display/short name support
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 19:37:03 GMT
Hey folks,

One of the pain points for Cordova users is the inability to have
different names for the app itself and the display name as shown on
device home screens.  For apps with longer app names, this leads to
awkward truncation when displayed on the device.

This feature is supported by our three major platforms (iOS, Android,
and Windows), as well as being codified in the W3C Widgets spec [1]
(which is the basis of config.xml) and the W3C App Manifest spec [2]
(which is the standard being used for progressive web apps).

There's an open pull request [3] on cordova-common to make our
config.xml handling implement the feature as described by the W3C
Widgets spec, but there was some disagreement over the best way to
implement it. The comments on the PR contain most of the discussion
points, but essentially the two options are:

1. Add support for <name short=""> to config.xml to match the W3C
Widgets spec into cordova-common and update the platform prepare steps
to make use of it. This is the method used in the open pull request.

2. Encourage app developers to make use of the <edit-config> tag to
modify the platform-level files via patching. The advantage is that
Cordova doesn't become responsible for another config option, and it
provides more flexibility for app localizations and other
platform-level modifications.

>From my perspective, it's clear that this is considered to be a core
feature for web apps, given that an equivalent property is included in
the newer App Manifest spec. This is a common request [4][5][6] and
should be supported via an intuitive property that Cordova takes care
of automatically.

The problem with delegating to the edit-config tag is that it's
largely undocumented (doesn't appear at all under config.xml in our
docs), and it doesn't actually work with iOS plist files yet. Adding
support for the short attribute doesn't prevent using edit-config for
localization or more advanced modifications.

Can we try to get consensus on moving forward with this?

tl;dr: This is an easy win to fix a common pain point for our users,
plz merge cordova-lib#453


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