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From Filip Maj <>
Subject An idea for manually testing plugins
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 22:33:50 GMT
Hi, it's me again!

How I'd like to contribute to Cordova is to help automate the stuff
that saves committers having to take the manual time to do themselves.
I think a good first goal would be to help automate as much of
platform release testing as possible [1]. The autotests seem to be
handled relatively well by the CI system so far (if anyone feels this
is not true, please speak up! I want to hear about what works and what
does not). The other part of mobile-spec-based platform release
testing is to "run the manual tests". After reading the
cordova-plugin-test-framework README [2], I thought this would be a
good place to give plugin developers some better tools to deal with
testing complex UI interactions that the autotests can't handle on
their own. I was thinking appium [3] would be a good tool to
complement that in this case. It gives us UI hooks into both web and
natives contexts within hybrid applications, plus it also allows us to
inject JavaScript into the web context. Wondering what others think?

I could then foresee, with a little bit of scaffolding, a way to
string plugins' appium tests together to fully automate the 'manual'
testing of plugin tests during platform release testing.

Let me know what y'all think!


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