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From Filip Maj <>
Subject [DISCUSS] EOL cordova-medic
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 20:57:01 GMT
Dearest cordova devs,

I'd like to discuss the possibility of killing off the cordova-medic
repo. Kinda funny, as I landed the first commit in that repo over 4
years ago.

I recently sent some updates in a pull request to medic [1], updating
some appium stuff, and after some discussion with Alex, he pointed out
that medic is pretty much not used these days. With paramedic taking
over as both the local testing tool as well as the keystone piece for
Cordova's CI on cloudapp, I don't think it is worth maintaining two
similar repositories with lots of code duplication between them.

It looks to me like Apache's buildbot configs for Cordova exist in the
medic repo. How valuable are these? Worth keeping around? Is execution
on Apache buildbot going to be a thing once more in the future?
Cloudapp seems to be doing an excellent job for us on its own...

Other than the buildbot configs, I believe the only thing that needs
to be migrated out are the Jenkins configs. This would be a beneficial
move for our CI system anyways, as right now every single Jenkins job
pulls down the medic repo _solely to get the Jenkins configs_. Moving
the Jenkins configs into the paramedic repo would save every cloudapp
job a repo pull, saving some time, and in CI, every second counts :)

Anything else I'm missing? What do y'all think? Good idea? Bad idea?

Thanks for your feedback!



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