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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Access to Jenkins instance, questions about CI
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 22:31:41 GMT
Dearest Cordova devs,

I would like to get admin-level access to the cloudapp jenkins

Who can grant me this karma?

I wanted to check out how the various jobs are configured, what
triggers them and what the triggered code looks like.

I also wanted to fix some things I've noticed:
 - File Transfer tests relying on Alex Sorokin's fork of paramedic,
which now seems to be gone, and thus fails the job [1]
 - I noticed some popd/pushd errors in the periodic builds for
specific plugins, as well as npm error output [2]. Seems to be related
to a missing cordova-create directory or something.

Had some followup questions too!
 - When a worker node goes down or becomes inaccessible, that may fail
a build. (see e.g. the Mac node graphs [3]). When this happens, do we
get alerted? And how would do we fix it?
 - In the Periodic Builds section [4], what is the difference between
the "build" [5] and the "test" [6] jobs? The test jobs seem to only
care about network information and file transfer plugins, but other
than that, I'm wondering what the vision here is?


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