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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Hello again!
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2016 19:48:10 GMT
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to (re)introduce myself after a 3 year or so hiatus :)

I used to be an active member of the group between 2011 and 2013 when
I was on the Adobe PhoneGap team. I took a 3 year detour focusing on
mobile testing infrastructure at Sauce Labs, but recently rejoined the
Adobe PhoneGap team. I have been lurking more intently on this list
for the past month or so and aim to be more involved these days.

I've been poking around and getting my bearings around the testing
suites, infrastructure and CI in Cordova the past week or so. I think
I will try to contribute in that area initially. In particular, I am
interested in enabling functional end-to-end testing for all repos in
cordova that could benefit from that sort of testing, and seamlessly
integrating running the tests and reporting their results back into
the standard Cordova dev workflow (I assume that is focussed around
GitHub?). I see there are different kinds of test coverage and CI
systems at play (cloudapp, travis, appveyor, plus unit and functional
tests), so initially just wrapping my head around all that.

If anyone here has suggestions on areas that need work, have
grievances around how they are frustrated by manually needing to test
something, or having any other helpful tips on what needs work or what
could be improved, feel free to reply to this thread!

My generic notes on this topic so far, in case that is helpful:

cordova testing overview
notes / weird things:
 - cordova-paramedic configs are pulled from cordova-medic repo. (?)
requires an extra pull in CI.
 - paramedic setup for individual plugins install latest HEAD of
master of platform code (at least, cordova-android + device plugin)
 - there are plugins tests that run via a jenkins instance on, and there are travis tests too. travis is pull-req
triggered, cloud app runs nightly. why?

road to testing utopia:
 - how do platforms get tested? integration tests with what: tooling? plugins?
   - unit tests run on travis/appveyor?
   - understand what needs to be tested for a release. work backwards
to automate that from there. Steve sent some helpful links my way:
     - platform:
     - plugins:
     - tools:
 - how do plugins get tested?
   - make sure dependencies / artifact versions are locked down.
   - what is the difference between "local" vs appium tests

Looking forward to collaborating with y'all in here once more :)


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