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From "Sergey Grebnov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Using cordovaDependencies in core plugins
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2016 08:22:49 GMT
The reason Vladimir didn't specify CURRENT_PLUGIN_VERSION is that we know for sure that all
plugins currently support Cordova 6.1.0 (version where we introduced  cordovaDependencies
logic) so adding this section is not necessary and has no effect. But if we add something
like below this may confuse as people may incorrectly think that current plugin version won't
work on 6.0.0 for example. So I think we should start specifying CURRENT_PLUGIN_VERSION restriction
when it is really necessary. 

CURRENT_PLUGIN_VERSION: { cordova: >= 6.1.0 }

Vladimir is on vacation next two weeks so I plan to complete his PRs tomorrow if there are
no objections - please let me know.


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From: Steven Gill [] 
Sent: Friday, September 2, 2016 5:28 AM
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Using cordovaDependencies in core plugins

So to confirm, the idea is that all of our plugins will have a fake entry for the next major
version of that plugin that only supports some future non existing version of cordova.

It forces us to update the cordovaDependencies field of a plugin when either a new major of
the plugin comes out.

In regards to your PRs, why not add a engine element for existing support?
Seems like you are only adding NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION but not CURRENT_PLUGIN_VERSION.

On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 6:33 AM, Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon) <>

> No feedback has been received, so I assume it's a lazy consensus.
> In continuation of this proposal I have opened a bunch of PRs to core 
> plugins and going to merge them by the end of this week if there are 
> no objections.
> -
> Best regards, Vladimir
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> From: Vladimir Kotikov (Akvelon) []
> Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016 3:25 PM
> To:
> Subject: [PROPOSAL] Using cordovaDependencies in core plugins
> Hey all
> We've been researching ways to prevent cordova workflow breakages, 
> caused by installing edge versions of the plugins, which possibly 
> could be incompatible with cordova version, used by user. This is IMO 
> a very nasty sort of problems, because it might cause unpredictable 
> build- and runtime failures of cordova setup which has been working perfectly previously.
> A typical example of this scenario is when some plugin introduces a 
> change incompatible w/ some particular cordova version and doesn't 
> update 'cordovaDependencies' property in its' package.json correspondingly.
> To prevent such breakages and avoid negative user experience I propose 
> to start using `cordovaDependencies` in our core plugins in a following way:
> 1. For every plugin we maintain, we add `cordovaDependencies` to its'
> package.json w/ the following entry
>     CURRENT_PLUGIN_VERSION: { cordova: >= 
> We will try to determine the LATEST_SUPPORTED_CORDOVA_VERSION based on 
> release notes and most significant changes in plugins, but probably we 
> can safely use 6.1.0 here because new version choosing logic for 
> `plugin add` was introduced in this version and older versions of 
> cordova will not use `cordovaDependencies` anyway.
> Also for some plugins adding such entry doesn't make sense because 
> they will work with any version of cordova, so for these plugins this 
> step could be omitted.
> 2. For every plugin we add additional 'protective' entry
>     NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION: { cordova: >= 100 }
>   There are 2 purposes for this:
>   - if there is a major plugin update that potentially would broke 
> compatibility with some cordova versions, this will protect users 
> against installing this major update, unless plugin maintainers update 
> `cordovaDependencies` by adding corresponding entry for this plugin version.
>     In other words, if we've introduced a breaking change and forgot 
> to update `cordovaDependencies` correspondingly to reflect that the 
> change requires a specific cordova version, user will not get this plugin update.
>   - By some reason without such 'protective' entry in case if 
> NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION gets released without adding corresponding 
> entry to `cordovaDependencies` (i.e. we don't have any restrictions 
> for this version in `cordovaDependencies`) - cordova will fetch that 
> version without any checks. This is sounds non-obviously for me and 
> probably there is some reason behind installing plugin version, which 
> we can't verify requirements for, but this is how it works.
> 3. When we introduce a change that requires us to change plugin 
> version to `NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION`, we go and fix 
> `cordovaDependencies` by changing cordova requirement for 
> `NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION` to actual value instead of 100 and introducing `ANOTHER_NEXT_MAJOR_PLUGIN_VERSION:
> { cordova: >= 100 }` entry.
> I would love to hear any feedback about this proposal or any other 
> ideas that might help us to prevent such breakages w/ cordova and plugins.
> -
> Best regards, Vladimir
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