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From julio cesar sanchez <>
Subject feedback on statusbar plugin ios
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2016 22:56:01 GMT
The statusbar plugin on iOS has had a lot of issues when a modal or popover
was present.
We have been fixing them and adding new ones because the behaviour when a
modal or popover is present is different on different devices and iOS
We have added a lot of "hacks" to fix a lot of cases.

Right now, there is only one issue left:

But this issue is impossible to fix with our "hacks" because on the iPhone
the camera is present on landscape and no rotation event is passed to the
webview, so when it's closed the webview is resized and not usable.

So, I've come up with an idea, what if we forget about all that hacks and
just resize the webview when the modal is disappearing?

We have 3 choices (that I know)

1) Make all plugins that show a modal to post a notification when they are
going to be dismissed, and make the statusbar plugin listen for that
notification. I don't think it's a good option becase it's a lot of work on
a lot of plugins and will add a lot of code.

2) Make the CDVViewController to send the notification on viewWillAppear.
This option is better, but will only fix the issue on the next version of
Cordova that includes this code.

3) Add a category of CDVViewController or MainViewController that have the
viewWillAppear, and use it to resize the webView.

I've edited the plugin to use the 3rd option

I've been testing and seems to fix all the modal related bugs and removes
all the hacky code.

Let me know what you think about it or if you know another alternative to
do the same but easier.

And I think we should implement the second choice too for future releases,
and maybe with some other methods sending a notification (viewDidAppear,
viewDidDisappear, etc)

BTW, as I asked some time ago and didn't get any answer, I bring the topic
again. There are another 2 statusbar issues that can be fixed using a
"magic number" (20 points as statusbar height constant). The first answer
was to not use a "magic number" because apple might change the height on
any moment and break the plugin. iOS 10 hasn't changed it, so I think we
can use this magic number and worry latter if apple changes it on iOS 11 or
12 or 13, but at least we can have that 2 issues fixed for some years.

The problems are related to the "extended statusbar" (it's 40 points
instead of 20, so we can't use the real height at that moment and we have
to use 20 as height to fix both issues)

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