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From Christopher Armstrong <>
Subject Re: Requesting more information about CB-11214 bug
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2016 01:35:23 GMT
I set the defaultText parameter on a call to
navigator.notification.prompt() using the cordova-plugin-dialogs plugin.
The relevant code lives in src/android/ 

My expectation is that the box should be pre-filled with the value of
the "defaultText" parameter (if it is specified; if it isn't, the input
box should be blank). 

On Android, instead of the box being pre-filled with the value of
defaultText, the placeholder text is instead set. Placeholder text is a
bit different - it is a "ghost" text that is shown on an empty text box
until the user sets the focus and begins editing it. The user doesn't
have the ability to modify the placeholder text or use it in their edit.
On the other hand, when a user focuses a text box that has been
pre-filled with defaultText, it is usually selected, so they have the
ability to deselect it and modify it if they want (or just clear it).
Placeholder text could be supported on both platforms with an additional


On Tue, Jul 26, 2016, at 02:50 AM, sanjeewa kumara wrote:
> Hi Chris Armstrong,
> Can you tell me where I can get this bug? I mean, which task you
> performed to get this bug ?
> Thank you.

  Christopher Armstrong

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