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From Steven Gill <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Faster incremental builds
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 22:13:51 GMT
Sounds like a worthy cause. Do you have any stats on how much time is saved?

Definitely put it behind the --incremental flag to start.

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 2:43 PM, Jason Ginchereau <>

> We've had a few customers complain that the dev inner loop for Cordova
> apps is slow compared to native app development. So recently I've been
> looking at ways to optimize it. The two largest pieces of a Cordova build
> are "prepare" and "compile" phases. While there's not much we can
> realistically do to speed up the native-code compilation (in which
> gradle/xcodebuild/etc is invoked), it's clear that the prepare phase is not
> nearly as efficient as it could be. So I opened a JIRA for that, and I have
> a solution in the works that I want to get feedback on.
> CB-11117: Preparing platforms should skip copying files which haven't
> changed<>
> Many cordova CLI commands include a "prepare" operation, including
> 'cordova build', 'cordova run', 'cordova plugin add', and more. Every time
> each of those commands runs, the target platform is "prepared", which
> involves copying all files from [<project>/www,
> <project>/platforms/<platform>/platform_www, <project>/merges/<platform>]
> to the platform's target www folder, as well as copying a bunch of icons
> and splash screens to platform-specific locations.
> For the very first prepare of a platform, all that file copying is
> necessary. But most of the time after that most of the files being copied
> have not changed and therefore don't really need to be copied again. So the
> typical developer inner loop (edit a few source files, build and run the
> app, repeat) is a lot slower than it could be for a Cordova project,
> especially one that includes a significant number of source files or
> resources.
> Instead, Cordova should be smart enough to skip copying of files that
> haven't changed, based on their last-modified timestamp. But there should
> still be a way to force a clean/full/non-incremental copy if desired. To
> preserve compatibility with all possible existing workflows, I'm leaning
> toward keeping the full copy as the default behavior, and enabling the
> optimization only with a new --incremental flag, at least initially. If we
> find the incremental option is working well for everyone, we can promote
> that behavior to default in a future major version update.
> See PRs here for implementation of this idea...
> Add FileUpdater module to
> cordova-common
> Use FileUpdater to
> optimize prepare for android platform
> I'll submit PRs for cordova-ios and cordova-windows platforms soon, as
> well as a cordova-cli change to enable the optimization via a new
> --incremental flag (assuming we don't want to make it the default behavior).
> Jason

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