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From Jesse <>
Subject Re: [Android] Need a solution to config.xml and AndroidManifest.xml feature requests
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 06:28:38 GMT
I like having the same xml fragments in config.xml as we use in plugin.xml

<platform name="android">
    <config-file target="AndroidManifest.xml"
        <activity android:name=""

We will need to address precedence, as a plugin.xml and config.xml can

> On Mar 21, 2016, at 12:46 PM, Shazron <> wrote:
> Continuing on Simon's point, we already have duplication of entries
> for preference tags in
> and a post-processing step does the removal of dupes. Not sure if this
> removal method would be adequate (as long as the desired tag to
> express is written to the config file *last*)
> On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 3:41 PM, Simon MacDonald
> <> wrote:
>> I agree the config-file is the way to go but we need to go one step more
>> and enable the changing of attributes in the config file instead of just
>> adding lines to AndroidManifest.xml. For instance, the first bug CB-10894
>> talks about adding a preference for screen sizes.
>> The default AndroidManifest.xml that is created with Cordova Android will
>> add the line:
>>    <supports-screens android:anyDensity="true"
>> android:normalScreens="true" android:resizeable="true"
>> android:smallScreens="true" android:xlargeScreens="true" />
>> and if you want to make smallScreens="false" you have no way of doing it
>> it adds a duplicate line if you are using the config-file way of doing
>> things. We really need attribute level granularity in the config-file
>> Simon Mac Donald
>> On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 4:52 PM, Richard Knoll <>
>> wrote:
>>> I agree that config-file is the way to go. After an offline discussion
>>> with Nikhil, Parashu, and Jason, one question that came up was whether
>>> of this native config stuff belongs in config.xml or should be separated
>>> out. One idea would be to define separate files for each configuration
>>> you wish to modify (something like AndroidManifest.merge.xml). Those
>>> would follow the same format as the config-file tag and you could add
>>> entries to build.json or config.xml specifying what native config each
>>> modifies. It breaks from how we do it in plugin.xml, but it prevents
>>> gigantic config.xml files that are mostly composed of native fragments.
>>> current config file mixing that we do is somewhat messy.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Richard
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>>> From: Alexis Kofman []
>>> Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 1:39 PM
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: [Android] Need a solution to config.xml and
>>> AndroidManifest.xml feature requests
>>> Hello all,
>>> I agree with Julio that it is less confusing  keeping the same mecanism
>>> that the one it already exists with the plugin.xml.
>>> Le 21 mars 2016 19:17, "julio cesar sanchez" <> a
>>> écrit :
>>>> I think we should add the config-file tag to the config.xml.
>>>> It's already implemented on the plugin.xml. It allows you to modify
>>>> the AndroidManifest.xml or the info.plist when you install a plugin.
>>>> But the number of plugins that just modify the AndroidManifest.xml or
>>>> info.plist is increasing, I think that should be on the config.xml too.
>>>> So we don't duplicate anything with our own tags, we just let them add
>>>> whatever they want from the config-file tag.
>>>> And if something can't be edited from the config-file tag, we tell
>>>> them to create a hook.
>>>> Phonegap build uses the config-file tag on the config.xml to allow
>>>> their users to edit the AndroidManifest.xml and the info.plist
>>>> @Parashuram idea might work on android, but I think we should have
>>>> something that can be used on all the platforms
>>>> 2016-03-21 18:40 GMT+01:00 Parashuram N <>:
>>>>> Given that we are now using Gradle for builds, could these simply be
>>>>> gradle sub-projects that define an AndroidManifest.xml, that gets
>>>>> merged during Android build ? One way could be to support specifying
>>>>> "sub-projects" in config.xml, and these changes get picked up. Would
>>>>> it work for all cases ?
>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>> From: Joe Bowser []
>>>>> Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 10:07 AM
>>>>> To: dev <>
>>>>> Subject: [Android] Need a solution to config.xml and
>>>>> AndroidManifest.xml feature requests
>>>>> Hey
>>>>> So, if you've been paying attention to the JIRA, we've been getting
>>>>> slammed with a ton of feature requests/bugs regarding the Android
>>>> Manifest
>>>>> where people want to add a 1:1 mapping between the two XML files.
>>>>> The thing is that it's getting out of control, and we need to find a
>>>>> better solution to this problem.  I'm not sure what a better
>>>>> solution to this is, but if you want to see some of the issues that
>>>>> are related to this, here's a small list:
>>>> cd011db47%7c1&sdata=f3qD84Rx%2bc%2bDzryeeXDCIX%2bhrCk%2boM%2f26%2fT5OA
>>>> y9RMA%3d
>>>> cd011db47%7c1&sdata=I1ycCL25rWlN4uTU%2fPXFBkv1PYXrDeX6dF6%2fMzyNSbE%3d
>>>> d011db47%7c1&sdata=HS3ZRL%2fxY%2fJWZo5eMQPGFO6BS2W03z13va8NV7sZpjo%3d
>>>> cd011db47%7c1&sdata=PeZms4TWbWqHInf%2fnYYbL3e5o9aB3Ijcl8fQxoUmsgU%3d
>>>> d011db47%7c1&sdata=4VoysIEst8o7k3kvkyYu9MeBDF8VZ3q7aG6oLcoCN2w%3d
>>>>> All of these are either indirectly or directly related to the
>>>>> AndroidManifest, and it's clear that if we just allowed people to
>>>>> edit an AndroidManifest, or at least allow portions of it to be
>>>>> immutable, we
>>>> would
>>>>> be better off.  Obviously, plugins that install third-party
>>>>> activities
>>>> and
>>>>> content providers would have to edit the manifest, but I think that
>>>> things
>>>>> are getting out of hand with the things that people want to control
>>>>> from config.xml.
>>>>> What do people think? Does anyone have a good solution to this
>>>>> Are we really abstracting anything out by duplicating the same
>>>>> config in our own config.xml?
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