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From Mikael Kindborg <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of Evothings Studio on
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 08:51:57 GMT

Evothings is a tool that speeds up the development of Cordova apps, and
provides plugins and libraries for IoT-functionality, notably Bluetooth Low
Energy (BLE).

Evothings Workbench is a tool you run on your computer. Code files can be
edited in any editor and when a file is updated the current app is reloaded
on connected mobile devices. There are also debugging tools for evaluating
code and logging data from connected phones.

Evothings Viewer is a Cordova app that connects to the Workbench. It it
used to run and live-reload apps. The Viewer comes preconfigured with a
bunch of Cordova plugins (e.g. BLE). You can also build your custom Viewer
and add your own plugins. The Viewer and related plugins are all open

There is also support for connecting to the Workbench from any web browser
or web view, that is, any Cordova app. You don't have to use the Viewer.
The documentation for how to do this is currently being updated. Basically
you just connect using this URL:

CONNECT_KEY is an 8 character code you get in the Workbench.

Here is the documentation page specifically related to Cordova:

The file structure for an Evothings app is fully compatible with Cordova.
You can also take any Cordova app basically, and drag it into Evothings
Workbench and use live reload and debugging tools.

To deploy an app built using Evothings Studio, you just build it with
Cordova, using the Cordova CLI. To help people building their native apps,
we have documented how to install and use Cordova on the Evothings
documentation web site.

Hope this summary helps!

It is a good idea to clarify how Cordova is used in Evothings Studio in the
pull request, will do this if the pull request is accepted.

Any feedback you have on Evothings Studio is most welcome!

Best regards, Mikael

PS. Just to be clear, I work at Evothings and designed and implemented the
live reload system used in Evothings Studio along with many parts of the
Workbench and the Viewer app.

On 30 March 2016 at 00:09, Parashuram N <> wrote:

> Hey,
> While the discussion on including additional tools is still happening on
> the mailing list, I had a quick question about the Evothings Studio. I was
> looking at the website and it was not clear if the tool is based on
> Cordova/Phonegap.
> Is Evothiongs based on Cordova and are the device APIs based on Apache
> Cordova ?
> The purpose of the tooling showcase is to show off the various Cordova
> development tools, and it would be helpful if you could also tell us how
> Cordova is used. Maybe we should add that as a part of the description in
> the pull request ?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mikael Kindborg []
> Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2016 2:15 AM
> To:
> Subject: Inclusion of Evothings Studio on
> Hi everyone on the Cordova Project,
> We got reject for our pull request to include Evothings Studio in the
> listing of Cordova Tools on
> See this comment in the pull request:
> Note that Evothings Studio is not a Cordova Showcase App, but a tool for
> developing apps for Apache Cordova.
> Are you also rejecting new tools? Evothings Studio is a very useful tool
> for Cordova developers, in particular for development of IoT apps. It is
> 100% Cordova compatible, no lock-in or dependencies, an Evothings project
> is fully compatible with Cordova.
> I think the Cordova developer community would appreciate this tool.
> Best regards, Mikael Kindborg
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