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From Shazron <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] another problem with in-call status bar on iOS (inAppBrowser)
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2016 01:44:47 GMT
We should leave this be, we can fix and think about it when its
actually a problem.

Ideally, it should listen to (UIApplicationDelegate):

... for the actual status bar frame changes.

On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 1:42 AM, julio cesar sanchez
<> wrote:
> I've been looking into this issue
> The problem is that the inAppBrowser creates a "fake" statusbar using a
> toolbar so the statusbar seems opaque. That toolbar is created with the
> size of the statusbar, and when the in-call statusbar is present it's 40
> points instead of 20 points, and when the in-call statusbar is present, the
> app is pushed 20 points down so we see the remaining 20 points of that
> toolbar.
> Hardcoding it to 20 points in a few places fix the issue, but there is a
> comment on the code
> *The height of it could be hardcoded as 20 pixels, but that would assume
> that the upcoming releases of iOS won't change that value.*
> So what can we do? hardcode it and hope it doesn't change in the future?
> Any other idea to fix this without hardcoding?

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