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From Joerg Holz <>
Subject Late Response: Does Cordova make Developer happy
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 00:45:06 GMT


in the last two month I supported Cordova on stackoverflow a lot and I want to give you a
quick overview:

Questions per month about 1000, unanswared about 75%.

Ionic: 550/65%

Telerik: 115/64%

NativeScript: 18/64%

jQuery: 10000/44%

My peronal result of response is, that I got an accept of my answers on about every 7. answer.
A lot of my answers and the most of my comments got no response.

There are two main types of Cordova users, which are asking: 

– The absolut beginner

– The Middle-Type: one, who is in the middle of a project, but less experience on how to
handle projects and writing code.

The Beginner-Type (From my feeling about 80% from all):

My favorite is: «I want to make a service like Facebook. What do I need?».

They do not have experience/knowledge in handling a project, how to write clean code … They
think it is just screwing some HTML, CSS and JS together. They put  everything of scripts,
libraries  together, which they get.

The basics are missing.

The Middle–Type:

The standard problem is, missing or wrong Content-Security-Policy. And the other problem is,
they do not read the docs or they can’t find the info.

From my feeling: About 50% have problems with event-driven-software.

The less rate of answered questions comes from askers which have a max. reputation of 50 on
stackoverflow. A lot of them are starting to write software and have chosen Cordova, because
it seams to be easy.

The answering of «real» questions is from my feeling in a rate of 50%..

Quit a lot of trouble  is coming from the Cordova-daugthers, like PhoneGap, Ionic, … «I
want to integrate plugin xyz. It doesn’t work».

What should be done in my opinion?

1. We should more populate, maybe create a slogan: Write clean HTML, CSS, JS, then your Cordova
App will work.

2. We should write in the top of «Get Started Fast», that there are some skills to build

3. We should have a small section, where we write what the best way is to make Cordova apps

4. We should make more clear what the difference between Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap, … is.

Greets from the Canary Islands,


Jörg Holz | +49-175-640 35 80      

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