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From "Alexander Sorokin (Akvelon)" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Improving core plugins automated test coverage
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 17:11:54 GMT
Hi guys.

Lately I've been working on improving automated test coverage of core plugins. Work is still
in progress but there are some results that I want to share.

The idea is to use Appium framework to automate core plugins manual tests in mobilespec app.
I've implemented a new command for Medic. It starts an Appium server instance, looks for the
tests, then runs the mobilespec app from the specified folder and runs the tests.

Appium supports only iOS and Android platforms so there are tests only for these two, but
we can extend the coverage of other platforms using different ui testing frameworks.

The tests themselves are written for jasmine-node and are using "wd" module to connect to
Appium server. They are currently located in plugin repos. Here's some links:

Test runner (medic):

Battery Status tests:

Camera tests:

Contacts tests:

Device Motion tests:

Tests can run on both real devices and emulators/simulators.
While developing the tests, I've been using Android emulator and device with API level 19
(Android 4.4, KitKat) and iOS device (iPad 2) with iOS 7.1 so the tests can fail on other
devices/emulators. I'm going to add the support for other versions/devices as well as implement
more Appium tests for other plugins in the nearest future.

To run the tests:
1. Clone cordova-medic repo
2. Clone tested plugins repos (appium tests are there, in appium-tests folder)
3. Create mobile spec app with tested plugins:
       node cordova-mobile-spec/createmobilespec/createmobilespec.js mobspec-android --android
--plugins "cordova-plugin-battery-status cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-contacts cordova-plugin-device-motion"
4. Build the mobilespec app:
       cd mobspec-android && cordova build
5. Start the emulator/connect the device
6. Run the tests using command:
node cordova-medic/medic/medic.js appium --app [mobilespec folder] --platform [platform] --device-name
[device/emulator name] --platform-version [platform version] --plugins [list of plugins to
test separated by space] [--device (only if running on a real device)] --udid [iOS real devices
only, device UDID]
Every argument except --platform is optional. On iOS, --udid is mandatory if running on real

For example, android emulator:
node cordova-medic/medic/medic.js appium --app mobspec-android --platform android --device-name
appium --platform-version 19 --plugins "cordova-plugin-device-motion"

Android device:
node cordova-medic/medic/medic.js appium --platform android --app mobspec-android --plugins
"cordova-plugin-contacts" --device

iOS simulator: 
node cordova-medic/medic/medic.js appium --app mobspec-ios --platform ios --plugins "cordova-plugin-contacts"

iOS device:
node cordova-medic/medic/medic.js appium --app mobspec-ios --platform ios --device-name "iPad
2" --udid [UDID here] --plugins "cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-contacts"

I hope we will be running these tests along with other medic tests that are now running on
CI in future:

Please take a look and say what you think.

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