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From Raymond Camden <>
Subject Question about versioning
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 16:34:00 GMT
I'm working on a blog post that talks about how to determine what
version of a platform/plugin you have and how to update it. I've got a
few questions regarding this process:

1) Today (or last night :) an updated version of the iOS platform was
released. How do I determine, via the CLI, what the most recent
version is for the iOS platform? I know the npm package is
cordova-ios, and I can npm info cordova-ios version, but is there a
more direct way via the cordova cli itself? How does a person get a
list of all the npm packages for the platforms? I figure they are all
easy to guess, but I'm just curious what the expectation there is.

2) Ditto for plugins. Is there a way outside of npm info?

3) The docs show Cordova 5.1.1. What exactly is that? The CLI itself
is version 5.3.3.

Raymond Camden, Developer Advocate for MobileFirst at IBM

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