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From julio cesar sanchez <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Revert Cordova plugins to work with default pinned versions
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 22:06:30 GMT
This has hit phonegap build users too as cordova android 5 isn't released
there yet and people doesn't pin the plugin version

2015-11-25 22:38 GMT+01:00 Parashuram N <>:

> I agree that we should have brought this up during the DISCUSS phase.
> VS is preparing for a fix in the week of Dec 7 when we are anticipating
> Cordova 6 with ios9 and marshmallow support.
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> From: Steven Gill []
> Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 12:46 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Revert Cordova plugins to work with default pinned
> versions
> I think it is more reasonable to get users to explicitly update their
> cordova-android to 5 than it is to get people who are using
> cordova-android@5 now to be explicit about adding plugins versions which
> are higher than what npm shows (assuming we set latest back to previous
> release).
> Most people want to and should be supporting marshmallow.
> In the case you describe above about installing the camera plugin and it
> failing, it isn't a silent failure. Users get notified that the version of
> camera doesn't support their version of android and they should update.
> Users using cordova-android 5 don't get such a nice failure message for
> using older plugins that don't support the new permission model.
> Instead they realize at runtime. Much worse.
> Now, the reason why I am willing to revert the `latest` tag for those 5
> plugins (file, media, camera, contacts, geolocation) to previous releases
> is the case you brought up in slack. Visual studio grabs latest plugins and
> can't get a update out quickly. We can revert those until we get cordova@6
> out.
> I think this is more an issue with VS and less with cordova. Cordova
> should not be backtracking releases due to downstreams. The discuss thread
> for plugins came out 19 days ago. We have been chatting about this release
> for even longer than that!
> If we do this, I want to be very clear that it is a special exception.
> Cordova should not be doing this again. It is up to Visual studio to be
> prepared for releases. It is not cordova's responsibility.
> With pinning plugins landing in cordova@6, this hopefully won't be an
> issue anymore. I hope to get cordova@6 out in a couple of weeks. At that
> time, latest will once again be switched for those 5 plugins. VS and other
> downstream, please be prepared for it.
> Hi,
> The latest Cordova plugin release [1] has some plugins like camera,
> contacts, files, geolocation, etc. that require mailto:
> cordova-android@5.0.0 to work. The latest released version of Cordova-cli
> does not pin mailto:
> cordova-android@5.0.0, but instead pins cordova-android@4.1.1.
> Scenario
> - User adds android platform using cordova platform add android - he gets
> cordova-anrdoid@4.1.1
> - User now adds the camera plugin - cordova plugin add camera - gets the
> version of the camera plugin that works only with cordova-android@5.0
> This combination does not work and the scenario breaks.
> I do understand that there are many folks who are already using
> cordova-android@5 for marshmallow support, and that we need to release
> the versions of plugins that support marshmallow. However, these folks
> already add the cordova-android@5.0 platform by explicitly specifying a
> version number. Hence, it would be reasonable to expect them to also add
> the supported plugins by specifying a version number.
> For folks who still add platforms and plugins without specifying version
> numbers, I think we should ensure that the scenario continues to work.
> Fix
> I think the way to fix this issue would be to still have the verisons of
> plugins that support cordova-android@5.0 released, but the "latest"
> should point to the versions that cordova-cli has pinned.
> [1]
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