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From Parashuram N <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Revert Cordova plugins to work with default pinned versions
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:12:23 GMT

The latest Cordova plugin release [1] has some plugins like camera, contacts, files, geolocation,
etc. that require mailto:cordova-android@5.0.0 to work. The latest released version of Cordova-cli
does not pin mailto:cordova-android@5.0.0, but instead pins cordova-android@4.1.1. 

- User adds android platform using cordova platform add android - he gets cordova-anrdoid@4.1.1
- User now adds the camera plugin - cordova plugin add camera - gets the version of the camera
plugin that works only with cordova-android@5.0

This combination does not work and the scenario breaks. 

I do understand that there are many folks who are already using cordova-android@5 for marshmallow
support, and that we need to release the versions of plugins that support marshmallow. However,
these folks already add the cordova-android@5.0 platform by explicitly specifying a version
number. Hence, it would be reasonable to expect them to also add the supported plugins by
specifying a version number. 
For folks who still add platforms and plugins without specifying version numbers, I think
we should ensure that the scenario continues to work. 

I think the way to fix this issue would be to still have the verisons of plugins that support
cordova-android@5.0 released, but the "latest" should point to the versions that cordova-cli
has pinned. 


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