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From Manfred Wühr <>
Subject Re: Camera Plugin – iOS: new resizable cropping rectangle
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 13:16:05 GMT
To be really complete now, I also created a new JIRA issue: CB-10033 <>.

> Am 16.11.2015 um 11:00 schrieb Manfred Wühr <>:
> Hi all!
> Herewith I would like to propose a new feature for the camera plugin:
> On iOS there's only that very insufficient inflexible cropping square – compared to
Android or WinMobile – which moreover obviously doesn’t work properly (see CB-9930, CB-2648).
As we need a flexible, sizable rectangle, we implemented that in our fork of the camera plugin.
> And with that we even already submitted a pull request:
> <>
> (being very new to GitHub and Cordova we didn’t realize, that this obviously has to
be discussed here, before).
> To be downward compatible and to not urge others, for whom that square may be sufficient,
it is made parametrizable via a new preference (as this is iOS specific and nothing that has
to be changeable at runtime), defaulting to false.
> If the plugin is called with option allowEdit == true, then setting this new preference
to true suppresses that standard (fairly useless) square for cropping the photo, even suppresses
the (then also useless) view of the photo with the "Retake"- and "Use Photo"-buttons, but
instead offers a resizable cropping rectangle (with "Redo" and "Save“).
> More detail about how it’s implemented can be found in the comment of the mentioned
pull request;
> and as there already started a discussion, I added more detail and thoughts here <>.
> We think others could use and want that, too – in the standard plug in.
> Yes, it is platform specific, but on Android and WinMobile it’s already possible to
crop with a flexible rectangle (somehow – knowing, that Android also isn’t really satisfying).
> If the community thinks, it is worth merging to the standard, I will create a corresponding
JIRA issue (and eventually clean up the pull request).
> Thanks and Greetings
> Manfred

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