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From "Maffett, Ian" <>
Subject Version Manager for Cordova* Software
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:32:20 GMT
Today I was able to release a tool Version Manager for Cordova Software (aka cvm).  It’s
available on npm and github.  With our switch at Intel to supporting CLI 5.1.1, I had to switch
back and forth to test Ant vs Gradle builds of applications.  Inspired by nvm and rvm, I created
the tool to help other developers manage multiple versions.

This will install the versions in $HOME/.cvm folder.  There is a special cordova file that
intercepts calls and dispatches them to the correct version.  You can always fall back to
the default system version if you would like.

npm install –g version-manager-cordova-software

Available Tasks:
       list - list available covdova versions installed
       install [5.1.1] - Install a cordova version
       uninstall [5.1.1] - Uninstall a cordova version
       use [5.1.1] - Switch to a specific version of cordova
       version - Show current version of Cordova
       remote - List available remote versions of cordova to install

The repo is available at .  I would
appreciate any feedback.


*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others

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