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From Tim Barham <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] cordova-serve 0.2.0 release
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 16:58:09 GMT
If the version is 0.x.x, then bumping the minor version is treated as a breaking change (by
npm/semver) - the idea is that until version 1.0.0, things are still in flux.

That said, I'm happy to call it 1.0.0 if that's preferable.

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From: Steven Gill [] 
Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 9:01 AM
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] cordova-serve 0.2.0 release

Why not 1.0.0 if it is breaking
On Oct 4, 2015 5:22 PM, "Tim Barham" <> wrote:

> Hi all... Yesterday I submitted a PR that was a bit of a rework to 
> cordova-serve - previously it had essentially been a direct port of 
> what was in cordova-lib's 'serve' command and cordova-browser, with a 
> couple of hooks to customize functionality. Yesterday's PR changes it 
> to use ExpressJS for the grunt-work (which simplifies the code a lot), 
> and removes those hooks in favor of the ability to attach Express 
> middleware (a breaking change, which will require the next release to 
> be bumped to 0.2.0). If anyone who has an opinion about this could 
> take a look and provide feedback, that'd be great.
> Once I've merged it, I'd like to start a vote thread for an updated 
> release of cordova-serve containing this change for a couple of reasons:
> * I have the corresponding changes for cordova-browser and cordova-lib 
> ready to go, but I can't get them in until we release the updated 
> cordova-serve module.
> * I have another module that uses cordova-serve that I'd like to 
> switch over to the ExpressJS version.
> Thanks!
> Tim
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