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From Parashuram N <>
Subject Re: Version Manager for Cordova* Software
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 18:46:00 GMT
This is pretty neat - I played around with it a little and am now using it in my Visual Studio
Online continuous integration system to pick the right version of Cordova. 

@Ian, I could show you what and how am I doing it if you are interested :) 

On 10/1/15, 11:32 AM, "Maffett, Ian" <> wrote:

>Today I was able to release a tool Version Manager for Cordova Software (aka cvm).  It’s
available on npm and github.  With our switch at Intel to supporting CLI 5.1.1, I had to switch
back and forth to test Ant vs Gradle builds of applications.  Inspired by nvm and rvm, I created
the tool to help other developers manage multiple versions.
>This will install the versions in $HOME/.cvm folder.  There is a special cordova file
that intercepts calls and dispatches them to the correct version.  You can always fall back
to the default system version if you would like.
>npm install –g version-manager-cordova-software
>Available Tasks:
>       list - list available covdova versions installed
>       install [5.1.1] - Install a cordova version
>       uninstall [5.1.1] - Uninstall a cordova version
>       use [5.1.1] - Switch to a specific version of cordova
>       version - Show current version of Cordova
>       remote - List available remote versions of cordova to install
>The repo is available at
.  I would appreciate any feedback.
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