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From Carlos Santana <>
Subject Re: [ios/osx] Adding framework/library as framework subproject
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2015 18:07:44 GMT
Hi Tobias
  You should be able to achieve what you want today.
I have done it here in some our project's.

Today you should be able to include and distribute a library inside a
1) Best choice is to compile and package your library as a .framework
here is sample on how to specify:
<framework src="src/ios/WorklightSDK/Frameworks/sqlcipher.framework"
custom="true" />

Distributing a framework is better than a static lib, it allows better
flexibility and better handle for different architectures

2) Second choice will be compile and package your library as a static lib
<source-file src="src/ios/WorklightSDK/libWorklightStaticLibProject.a"
compiler-flags="-Obj-C" framework="true" />

This is is an old example, we moved away from static libs, and now using
.framework for everything

3) Third choice is to distribute your source code by itself .h and .m
You can see any of the core cordova plugins (i.e. camera, contacts)

No need to distribute you .xcodeproj if you can do it with one of these 3

If you are having trouble getting this done today, please open a JIRA issue
to see how can we fix it.

Distributing a .xcodeproj it can be a bit complex, and we know we package
CordovaLib as xcodeproj :-).

Today cordova doesn't support workspaces, that's plan for cordova-ios@5 [1]
I think after cordova supports workspaces will be easier to manage multiple
xcodeprojects inside a single workspace, to able to compile a target
resolving all dependencies within the workspace.

At work we are looking closely at workspaces, after this is done then we
can see how can distribute our native ios code (i.e. in source code) once
to cococapods, and then have a cordova plugin depend on it [2].

Maybe all this doesn't cover your exact use case, so maybe you can open a
enhancement lira item, and put some seudo code there on what exactly you
want to achieve.

I know Windows supported the attribute type="projectReference" [3] for the
<framework> element, the tricky part with ios is dealing with dependencies
conflicts of other puglins, and the user's own code.

In terms of copying files that you can't do with <assets> or
<resource-file> you can use a plugin hook, do it there at plugin install
event. we have done this also at work.


-- Carlos

On Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 4:38 PM Anis KADRI <> wrote:

> The library that we use (node-xcode) supports: System Frameworks, Custom
> Frameworks (ones you would drag&drop into your project) and static
> libraries. It does not support XCode subprojects as far as I know.
> If you want to add support for it, you're more than welcome. Repository is
> right here:
> Anis
> On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 11:14 PM Tobias Bocanegra <>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I want to add a plugin to a ios/osx project. the plugin contains a
> > .xcodeproj of a static library, incuding the sources. I want to avoid
> > distributing the binary .a in the plugin.
> >
> > I tried various ways of how to specify this library, with <framework>
> > with <src framework=true> etc. but it never adds the lib.a to the
> > linker section in build phases.
> >
> > looking at the pbxproj, it looks like it would have to specify a proxy
> > reference to the library project. which is a bit more complex than
> > just add the framwork reference.
> >
> > Is this something that would be desired by others? If so, I can try to
> > improve the plugman script to deal property with the library.
> >
> > the 2nd problem is, that xcode usually has the sources beside the
> > xcodeproj. so for example:
> >
> > mylib.xcodeprj/
> > mylib/
> >
> > but there is no tag to copy an entire directory. using the <framework>
> > tag also for the sources, would embed it to the frameworks section,
> > which is also wrong.
> >
> > ideally we would be able to specify the source directory, like
> >
> > <framework src="frameworks/osx/mylib.xcodeproj" custom="true"
> > sources="frameworks/osx/mylib" />
> >
> > OR
> >
> > add a new sub-project tag, like:
> >
> > <sub-project src="frameworks/osx/mylib"
> > project="frameworks/osx/mylib.xcodeproj" framework="true"
> > link-targets="libMyLib.a" />
> >
> > WDYT?
> >
> > Regards, Toby
> >
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