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From Tobias Bocanegra <>
Subject [ios/osx] Adding framework/library as framework subproject
Date Sat, 19 Sep 2015 06:14:00 GMT

I want to add a plugin to a ios/osx project. the plugin contains a
.xcodeproj of a static library, incuding the sources. I want to avoid
distributing the binary .a in the plugin.

I tried various ways of how to specify this library, with <framework>
with <src framework=true> etc. but it never adds the lib.a to the
linker section in build phases.

looking at the pbxproj, it looks like it would have to specify a proxy
reference to the library project. which is a bit more complex than
just add the framwork reference.

Is this something that would be desired by others? If so, I can try to
improve the plugman script to deal property with the library.

the 2nd problem is, that xcode usually has the sources beside the
xcodeproj. so for example:


but there is no tag to copy an entire directory. using the <framework>
tag also for the sources, would embed it to the frameworks section,
which is also wrong.

ideally we would be able to specify the source directory, like

<framework src="frameworks/osx/mylib.xcodeproj" custom="true"
sources="frameworks/osx/mylib" />


add a new sub-project tag, like:

<sub-project src="frameworks/osx/mylib"
project="frameworks/osx/mylib.xcodeproj" framework="true"
link-targets="libMyLib.a" />


Regards, Toby

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